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Hello everyone im kurstie,

My anxiety started about a month ago i was sitting on the couch scrolling down my newsfeed as i was suffering terribly from a sinus infection and out of no where i felt so short of breath i literally felt as if i could not breathe but i was breathing my chest felt like an elephant had sat down on it, long story short i took myself to the hospital and first thing doctor's ask me is if i had suffered from an anxiety disorder or panic attacks in the past i replied no ive never felt like i did that night my whole life im 27 years young and have never had that feeling come over me ever! This past month ive been to the hospital twice and recently talked to my doctor about this and he claims the same, anxiety disorder.... im frustrated with this because i often feel as if iam being mis diagnosed but have had several test that show no signs of any real conditions effecting my scared to death to drive long distances or be alone when im driving, its effecting my daily routine as i feel i cannot do multiple tasks and be as active as i have always been :( i over worry myself thinking that this could be something else and just havnt accepted this is actual anxiety making matters worse for myself, i was then prescribed the same as most propanol 80mg but its not helping like i hoped it would, any helpful tips to try and get a grip or control of this? Also does anyone else have mild chest pains and shortness of breath almost all the time due to this?

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Hiya Kirstie...I can tell you it's definetly anxiety...the pains and symptoms are so real that they seem like you must have some life threatening illness or disease! I've suffered with this since I was 14......i'm 52 now, I was worse in my 20's & 30's when I had my children as this seemed to trigger it off more. The more you sit and think about it or look up symptoms the longer you'll suffer...I was forever going to Drs appointments to be told the same thing...i've had test after test which have always come back negative...I do lots of exercise and keep myself busy with work and Grandkids..I'm taking 80mg propanolol as and when I need it as it helps to stop my heart racing then I don't get anxious. I've tried numerous anti-depressants but they're not the answer for me. x

Kpack in reply to jupes09

Thank you for your reply, its not so much that im too stubborn to accept that i have anxiety, just more of trying to wrap my head around how severe these symptoms truly are and never having this condition in my life these symptoms will have you thinking your about to have a real heart attack and that doctors are missing something... i guess it is time to come to terms with it so i can and beat this thing now that i feel certain of what this is i can come to terms with it and actually try to relax a bit.

Hi Kurstie, This thing works in different ways, but you will be able to eventually evaluate and monitor yourself. I started different symptoms almost a year ago, and with a bit of self-help reading I'm pleased to say I feel much better. I also didn't realise what was going on at at the time, and it does come as a bit of a surprise to most people.

Try and accept things for the way they are, don't try and beat it as this most often make things worse. Try some audiobooks, or research and try and figure out what it is, in your own time.

Remember there is always 3 sides to your health, physical, mental, and spiritual. The former, a GP / Dr. may assist with. But the other 2 they can't.

Hope I have given you some idea's to try.... Keep strong.

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