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When I run or exercise I feel like I'll pass out. ( not completely) but I tend to think that when I go out for a run something bad will happen to me. Like ill just collapse out of no where. Not sure if its because I'm nervous when i run that triggers it. Its day 2this happend. Ive ran for 6years. It makes me want to quit my college career. Does anyone else experience this?

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Hello, I find my anxiety has caused me to become exercise intolerant. My heart will start to race which is a natural response to exercise but my brain which is so affected with anxiety will think I'm having a heart attack and this will bring on a whole host of other symptoms. I have given up exercise completely at the minute which I also know isn't good for me.

Would your head feel pressured to as a symptom?

Yes all the time. I suffer with a lot of unpleasant symptoms which I find difficult to believe could be anxiety

Head pressure

Feeling spaced out

Difficultly focusing

Feeling faint/light headed

Heart palpitations

Pain in arms/neck and shoulders


Weak legs

Extreme fatigue

And tomorrow I will probably develop a new symptom

Can you relate to any of these symptoms?

Yes. All of them. Sometimes it feels to real to believe its anxiety? Agree. How old are you? And what tests have you done?

Oh definitely, the physical symptoms I experience are what I believe causes my anxiety but the Dr assures me it is the other way round. I am 31 and have had a blood test and ecg

How do you feel right now?

Did they ever diagnose you with anxiety

It's what they have said is the most likely cause. I get good days and bad. Yesterday I wasn't too bad but I always wake up feeling anxious and I can have random attacks with no warning

Did you ever get over feeling lightheaded 24 7?

I also have this! I used to go to a running club when I was younger and I almost fainted one time and it scared me so much I've never been again but I sometines still force myself to go for a run although it is hard. I feel you!

Would your head feel pressured to as a symptom? Like zoned out

Yeah I feel that right now, I get it really bad at night!!

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