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Help :)!


Hello, I am 21 years old and i've been suffering with severe health anxiety..really need help. Latley I struggle with breathing, I feel like my throat, chest and abdominal muscles are weaker, like they don't have strenght. Been to neurologist and he says everything is fine, but I am really worried, its like I have sometimes to force breathing, its not automatic process anymore. So do you think it's really my brain playing with me or I should visit another doc? Thanks

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For me I have chest pains and trembling and pins and needles. The majority of my stress/anxiety is in my stomach. I have major stomach issues. I have had a vaginal ultrasound, complete and thorough blood work, and a CT Scan it came back normal. Also remember you are 21 so the likelihood of something being medical wrong is very slim.

However I am a strong believer in advocating for your health. no one else will do it for you. I asked for the CT scan and got it! I am working to talk to 2 more doctors as well to see there thoughts. There is nothing wrong with being an advocate and covering all bases. You are not crazy and you are ok!

My doctor placed me on anxiety medicine which has done wonders for me as well as meditating.

Vanjakm in reply to Betha

Hmm you are right, maybe I should ask for further testing, just to be sure :) my question is do you think stressed mind can really produce weird symptoms like this? Xx

Betha in reply to Vanjakm

Yes I do. They are called sosiomatic something like that. Those are the symptoms from what I understand.

However, that does not mean you are not well. You certainly can not be well. I already called a stomach doctor today to see there thoughts on what is going on. So if you feel you are not right then tell them they will help! Trust in your doctor and advocate for you!

Sounds like your body and mind are currently in a constant state of high stress levels where you feel tense and on edge all the time. Try and find ways to relax xx

Vanjakm in reply to Nicki1984

Yes, I am having chronic stress, I really need to find a way to help myself, maybe a psychologist would help..but my question is do you think our stressed mind can make such symptoms?

Nicki1984 in reply to Vanjakm

Yes our mind and body are linked and long term stress can have a big impact on our physical health. Sometimes they get out of sync and hard to get them back working together again positively. Counselling is a good place to start. X

Nicki1984 in reply to Nicki1984

After a few years of stress for me I developed IBS and food sensitivities and now my IBS is mostly triggered by stress and anxiety x

pata99 in reply to Vanjakm

Yes and to the point you actually think you are going to die...but you wont. CT scan AND MRI to ease your mind. SLEEP is the key and dont live up to others expectations. You must come first regardless!

I am still coping on my stomach issues! I am not sure if it is anxiety or physical but 3 tests all normal so maybe it is anxiety

Vanjakm in reply to Betha

It's anxiety then, just try to relax and eat healthy diet. How old are you, where are you from?

I am 39. I love in Boston. I am pooping every day but I noticed today there is food particles in it which means I am not digesting properly. I am taking probiotics and hot water with lemon. I am very scared. I called a stomach doctor.

my heart goes out to you... i had my first panic/anxiety attack when i had my first baby @ age 18..i felt exactly how YOU do. i believe that you are suffering from the same thing and i need you to know... IT IS TREATABLE N CURABLE !!!

i would think that a NEUROLOGIST would know what he is saying, yet it NEVER hurts to get a 2nd opinion... and oh boy, our brain plays many tricks on us !!! breathing is an involuntary act... the thing is when we stress about our breathing, we begin to either breathe faster (hyperventilate) or we seem to can't catch our breath. the worst thing that can happen to you hon, is you could maybe pass out, and your breathing would automatically start the correct rhythm ... let's not let it get to that ... get out ... have fun ... in spite of all you feel !! go w a friend who understands how you feel and that you trust very deeply, i bet you will feel 100% better ! please let me know !!! : )

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