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Very depressed

I been having a bit of concerns first they found a cyst in my uterus and I thought that was extremely bad then thank god it burst then they found a breast lump the doctor said I shoudnt be concern they think it's a fibroud if it grows they can remove it by surgery so every 6 months all have to get checked and now they found a mass in my pelvis so of course my mind starts to go crazy thinking I have something major like cancer so I don't have a appointment till next week to get checked too see what type of issue it is.

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It could be nothing. I've had two benign cysts in my ovaries and they were huge. I had to undergo an MRI and I thought I was going to die during it. Thank God everything went really well. My ovaries were preserved. The surgery was minimally invasive and I recovered from it in about 3 weeks. Hoping your appointment goes smoothly. There's always hope, even when we're over thinking. :)


Thanks for the kind message.


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