Very worried

I have been to the doctor twice about trouble breathing, both times they say my lungs sound fine, they never did any tests or anything which worries me and makes me think I need some done, I have these episodes where my chest gets tight and is there's a sense of discomfort in my chest and back and I have trouble breathing sometimes, it's gottin much worse then what it used to be. I worry about it and search my symptoms online and find these diseases or disorders and I always think I could have one of them. Is this anxiety? I'm

Just worrying myself to death, has anyone's else delt with this?

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  • I'm just the same as u, its horrible I've been to hospital today had ECG said everything is OK but my throat is raw, I get chest pains too can't sleep but my doctor says its anxiety and I'm on med for it xx hope u feel beta x

  • What kind of meds? And has it seemed to make a difference? Thanks

  • Propanalol they did at first but I was really bad when it first started now its not as bad, its just the sore throat and can't swallow at min but everyday is different as u know x

  • Yea some days it's fine and some days it's rediculous, do you smoke Also?

  • Do you have acid indigestion / acid reflux?

  • I do empathise with you as I have lived with GAD most of my life, and I remember with every little new symptom I'd terrorise myself with looking up what illness/disease it could be, going to the library in the early days , then the internet. I soon learnt though that the only thing I should be reading is books/information about my illness and understanding that...I know its hard as you look for reassurance constantly to calm your anxiety for a bit but its a revolving cycle, the reassurance only lasts for a little while then you need more so you look up things even more...What you really need to do is stop looking things up (it is very hard I know Ive been their, I also use to search my body all day every day for lumps and bumps till it was sore, making sure nothing was there) but in order to get total self reassurance you need to stop, at first you can allow yourself say a couple of times a day, then 2, then 1, and then if possible none or once a week...I went to a fantastic self help group where I live in the early days and this taught me what was going on, adrenaline which is the fuel that keeps your anxiety/panic going is amazing, the affects it can have, if you imagine 2 lemons as your adrenal glands, and every time you have feel edgey they release a little adrenaline, you then add more thoughts and they release even more and each time you do your brain detects this and issues instructions to the rest of your body, the symptoms that can arise from a flooded adrenaline body are so amazing and very bizarre, Claire Weekes books from years ago are fantastic for telling it how it is, once you thoroughly understand and accept it then your wont be scared when they come about, and although I have days when I can wake up and think jeez where did that come from, I can cope and get through the day in that state and it doesn't last long...sorry for long post...Exercise, yoga, getting out and about, mindfulness can all help...take care Dee x

  • Mran, the lupus system elevate all worries w/o control. Somedays I found myself don't know what to be done first and it made me so worry, and sad. But breathing can help you to calm down and clear your mind every here and then to find the peaceful through out the day. Meditation also a good source of worrying and anxiety. Xxx

  • I was diagnosed with COPD Mild 4 months ago which I actually had no symptoms. But I was losing weight so they did a chest xray and this came out. So I visited a long specialist and they did a breathing test which I came out with flying colors. Plus my blood oxygen is always 98-100% which is really good. I'm no expect because right now I suffer from lack of air as well and 24/7 light headed so they gave me xanax 0.5 which made my breathing better and even my light headed a little better. Now they put me on xanax 0.5 ER twice daily which I will start tomorrow. Is my believe the light headed was caused by the withdrawal of nerve damage medications (lyrika/gabapentin) which I took for 4 months and the lack of air episodes by anxiety created by the light headed 24/7. Many Doctors will deny this but is the only logical explanation for now. I have taken every possible test and so far so good for my age.. Only one Doctor agreed and that was my allergist. Based on what I have learned these last 2 months it appears you have anxiety but just to make sure I suggest you ask for a chest xray so you eliminate that fear.

  • Yes, it is anxiety. I have had suffocation feeling 24/7 for almost 17 weeks now, not even 5 minutes relief unless I get sleep. Sometimes I have chest tightening, sometimes soreness in throat, sometimes head in fog. I have been through zillions of tests - cat scan on lungs, pulmonology tests, echocardiogram, bloodwork and all have come back normal. I'm seeing a therapist for a third time tomorrow and a meds doctor to discuss anti anxiety depressant. on Friday. When having this testing all done my doctor prescribed Xanax and Ativan to use on a as needed basis. I have been using the Ativan on and off for sleep. Oh and I had two doctors tell me not to google stuff because then you think the worse.

  • "Utube Eckhart Tolle anxiety and fear", it should be 17.05 mins long..Try to sit through it & give him a chance, because it might just be your solution, it was mine..CBT training is "the" most under rated thing in the universe, not just the planet!.

  • Thanks for this. I will check it out.

  • my wife had breathing problems witch turned out to be heart problems she was taken into hospital and given two stents witch has really helped ask your doc if you can have a heart check up it may turn out your heart is healthy then you can try another route hope you get better soon

  • Along with the suffocation feeling, is there feeling of a struggle to breathe in and out, once i keep thinking about it, it gets worse and I get really worried and think I'll stop breathing all together or forget how to breathe? It sounds crazy but I have thoughts like that

  • It sounds to me like it's your thinking that's causing it buddy, or it's a least making it worse so you need to learn mindful distraction..I'll tell you a vid to watch that will help you if you give the guy a chance, but you will need to have to practice often every day....Listen very carefully to what he says, & don't let your mind drift off..If it does rewind the vid, & concentrate on what he's saying/asking..Utube "Eckhart Tolle anxiety and fear", & it should be a 17.05 min vid.

  • I'll check it out, thanks for all the advice guys! Really appreciate it

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