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Good Afternoon

How is everyone? Well, I tried to stay off for a couple of days to give myself a break from thinking about anxiety and it worked but today we're having a really bad snow storm and that panicky out of body feeling came back. So I have a few updates lol. I went to my Eye Drs. Appointment Friday to find out the prescription in my left lens was completely off which could be the reason why I was so off balance . I ordered the glasses online using the prescription that was given to me but somehow the online site got it wrong. I have been walking around like this for 6 Months which is around the time I started going back down hill feeling off all the time which makes me think. Also, I rescheduled my psychiatrist appt. I felt like I was getting better so I called to reschedule just to give myself time. That appt was supposed to be last Friday as well. YesterdayI went to the ER because I was feeling off and having back pain. I don't feel the pain anymore, I guess I slept funny. Today I feel acidy and just irritated... like blah. Just venting 🙄

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Hi, the snow started her last night and has been blowing all day also into Wed. VERY cold and bitter. It is a good thing you found out about your glasses. They should reimburse you! I too have an appointment with my physciatrist this Fri. It has bee 3 weeks. I had one VERY bad week, shaking, crying, nausea, fear of what ifs.....the last few days I've been a tad calmer but not normal......I often feel embarrassed when I go to him, what is he supposed to do? My new med hasn't done anything that I can feel but still taking it. Why or why do I open my eyes each morning and have this feeling of is going to happen to me today (health wise). I realize we ALL get older and no stopping it, but for me it's a health anxiety....what is going to go wrong next, heart attack, stroke, cancer, kidney failure...I am pathetic.


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