Wish it would hurry up and do 1

Ive woken up all anxious again shaky foot sweaty hot and cold foot shaky nervous toilet runs jeeze the things your mind does to you wen ur anxious im literally laying here wet through with sweat all because i think im dying i know im not but my mind is telling me i am ill be glad wen it sods off i hate having these episodes just wanna feel like me again


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  • I know what hou mean the same thing happens to me

  • Its absolutly awful and heartbreaking isnt it im married to a wonderful man and feel jes gonna leave me if i dont get control of tbis

  • Question has the docs give you any meds for the anxiety.

  • Yes been on them for 15 years he just increased them again until this episode passes

  • What things have you done to and stop this Natzsteveo?

  • Ive took a venlafaxine and a beta blocker and just keep trying to calm down and then i feel rhe burning up again so another anxietg is on its way

  • So you only ever take medicine, you don't try other things like distraction or exercise or eating certain foods?

  • I go to the gym 4 times a week and i take my dogs for a walk xx

  • Do you think it helps by doing those things?

  • It does after a few hours in the morning im fine most of the day

  • Oh right so you have it under control most of the time, that's great.

  • I do all day its just in the morning it wakes me up in the morning and it lasts a few hours then im ok the restof the day then x

  • That's strange, I wonder if anything can be done about it.

  • There certain book to that help trust me.

  • Whats it called ive got a few about healthanxiety on my kindle i think i need therapy again

  • Seasons of grace finding freedom

  • Ill try and find it xx

  • Self help for your nerves those are 2 good books

  • Thanks ill give them a go

  • Hi Natsteveo

    I am still with you on this one.

    I am going to try and get up when I wake up, instead of laying in bed thinking and getting worse.

    I figure if I just get up, no matter how sick, shaky or how bad I feel, it may start to take my mind off it a bit easier. Make a cup of tea eat a dry biscuit, watch some tv, or sit in outside for a bit ....

    Don't know yet, trying it for the first time today. Have to do something, cos laying in bed shaking isn't doing anything for me. Jennyfwr x

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