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Can't even go to my shop over the road:(

So I still can't accept I have anxiety. I've been having a rough few days, been feeling like I've been on my death bed literally. I haven't been out for about 4 days. Today I'm not great but better than death bed, so me and mum tried to go to the shop. I got myself ready (feeling ok) doing my hair, put my coat on and went downstairs into the cupboard to get my boots and bam! this so anxiety struck didn't it and it was pretty bad, I bent downstairs to get my boots came out of the cupboard and just out of the blue it happened and I said I can't go I need to go back upstairs, so I dropped my boots and mum said 'it's ok, it's early days', I came upstairs sat in my room and got myself worked up crying, shaking, feeling sick and now I know it has knocked me back down again and I will be scared to go back downstairs and I won't for the rest of the night. It happened last wednesday as well and it took me a few days to get past it and I didn't go downstairs. It was because I knew I was going out, Why do I still believe it is not anxiety and panic and instead believe there something medically wrong? I feel as though I am going mad:(

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Hi Loulouxox I can say that this post stands out to me as this is a copy of how my life!

Everything you have put down on you post was what it was like for me.

All i can say to you to keep my post from being a book is things do get better! I mean that i was in the same place as you and now i go out to the shops the park and for walks.

Message me if you would like a chat.




Ah hun i was just like you at christmas you cant explain the fear that goes through my head when i was having these panic attacks i felt sick shakes sweats palpitations couldnt breath the symptoms that you wouldnt even put down to anxiety i was going to peaks with my OH and it started i couldnt breath shakes why i said i have always been to peaks i couldnt even drive my car alone i have been driving my car fo17 years so thought i had something really wrong then i found this site and spoke to all these lovely people who explained the symptoms they had i had ecg and bloods at docs and monitor i am on citalopram and have been doing good dont get me wrong still have some bad days but more good than bad now go and see your gp love for some help and keep blogging people will help xxxxx


Hi Loulou....I have just joined and your post was the first one I read. And oh my goodness it's like reading about my own life. Last week I started to feel really weird and panicky in sainsburys for no reason. I went about my business until the weekend where I had a total freak out and had to leave the shopping centre twice! Now I can't go into any shops and feel like I am going mad. I have decided to seek help from my gp.have you spoken to anybody about your experience? Here's hoping we both feel better soon xxx


Sweetheart you are not going mad , & i no its hard to believe ...but it is anxiety

Now I stopped going out 11 years ago & now in such a mess with it , infact i have some one coming tomorrow to try & work on this with me , but I have left it a long time , but there is hope ,,,,you are young , please ask for some help , dont want you to end up like me

You have a good mum , by the sounds of it , let her help you , as well as us , ok you didnt make it to the shop today , but maybe tomorrow

I find that if I do something without pressure I am better ...example , if I say I am going to the shop , that feels like pressure , causing anxiety ....if all of a sudden I want to go to shop & say ok I am going to the shop , the pressure is of & even though I am anxious , i deal with it better ...maybe that makes no sense lol

See your GP , ask your mum to go with you if you need support , you will get better , it will come right





Hi Lou,

Your not going mad and I believe this will pass what your experiencing, you have in your life the best tonic no one can buy and that is your mum. Lou their is usually a catalyst to these events search for the cause.


Hiya Lou

You are not going mad its an Anxiety Disorder getting yourself all worked up before you even get outside the door causes you to panic. I know this by my own experience.

The more you talk about it let close family and friends they can understand how you feel and try to help. I have been reading a book by Claire Weekes and it may help if you read it.

Right now you feel like your sinking but believe me eventually everything will come together and you will be able to make that trip to the shop.

Please try and attempt this another day. I remember trying to get to the local shop got halfway and came back. I sat really frustrated with myself waited a few moments and attempted it again. I am not saying it was easy but we have to try and overcome it.

Hope you feel a little better We are all here for the same reason to support and encourage.

Take care

Love Seyi xxx


i have days like that where i cant even leave my bed room cos thats my safe haven, tottally understand that. but we have to keep trying. im going to the local shops with mum today well going to try anyway. i found a site called and got a free download of a panic attack aid, its quite good to have someone in your ear telling you theres nothing to be afraid of. x


hi loulou,I have been feeling like you for the last 35 years,stopped going out on my own,started to rely on my husband to do the shopping,take me out etc;its only in the last 2 years that I realised I can't go on like this,because I know if something happened to my husband ,what would I I did a year of cbt,this really helped me,after 1 month I was walking out on my own,it was very hard at the start,I had to change the way I was thinking,even now somedays I don't want to leave the house,its a long road ,with small steps,but your not mad,you have anxiety,like we all have on this your not alone there.please keep posting we an all help each other xxxx


I think I may have anxiety too, today I broke down in tears because I couldn't even go to the shop and this has been happening for a while. Ive also been depressed for a while too. I helped a friend had anxiety while I was depressed , is that why I have it?


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