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I feel like I'm starting to lose it?

I am starting to lose it and have a metal breakdown because I am so over this and scared. I try my best to tell myself its just anxiety but I just can't seem to convince myself because my symptoms are getting worse. Today is particularly bad and I need some reassurance.

All day I have been getting sharp shooting pains in my head which makes me feel like I have a brain tumour, and today has also been really bad for my derealisation I feel like everything is not real and it makes me feel so disconnected and I'm scared because i feel like I'm going to lose control or go mad or that I have psychosis or schizophrenia. I also am feeling so lightheaded and fatigued I cannot concentrate on anything at all, This is not good!! because I have 5 exams on at the moment which I need to get good marks on otherwise I wont get into university.

I also have random phrases or song lyrics repeating around in my head constantly and I cant think of anything else, and I am having trouble with finding words, like I cant think of what Im trying to say, and i feel like i have lost some of my peripheral vision and my vision is blurry also. I also feel like I'm forcing myself to be normal and I don't feel like myself at all. These symptoms are not helping because of course all these symptoms I have mentioned are symptoms of a brain tumour.

It also doesn't help that my Mum and Dad are always angry and disappointed in me, because they say things like "people are actually sick and dying in hospital and yours is fake and all in your head so harden up and get over it" and they just expect it to go away, they also said they won't take me to the doctor again ( I went once because i felt like I couldn't breathe) and they also said if I want to go to a psychologist I have to pay for it myself, which I cant because I have no job. And I mean, I totally see where they are coming from and I agree and I am trying my best to beat this but my physical are still here!! I feel like just crawling into bed and I honestly can be bothered with school, and getting worse!! please help..

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No lie you sound like me, I feel like I'm loosing it to. But it's almost nice to know there's other people who know what your going through. I feel like I have a brain tumour or I have heart disease or something because of my heart palpitations. Doctors will just give u relaxing medication. They just tell me 'oh your fine' but feel like I have something wrong with me. Even know my heart feels wierd and tight. But it's ok, your not alone x

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That's the hardest part trying to convince yourself it's anxiety,but it really is...maybe Google a few relaxation techniques on line..And go and see your doctor about getting something for the anxiety..you will start to feel better soon..your not alone..


I had sharp pains behind my head too it started with my chest then it when up to my head ...nobody is going. To understand how you feel but you but you are. It alone every symptom you've gone I have too and hey I'm still here and what your going threw is real just not life threatening remember that that's the key to end physical symptom they're there but not life threatening


Keep strong and remember you are not alone. I have been exactly the same these last couple of days, totally convinced I am losing my mind. It's a constant battle.

No one knows what it's really like unless they've been through it, which might explain why your parents don't understand. You need love and support to help you through and you will get that here.

Big hugs xx


Hi I hooe that you’re still active here, I have the same thing as yours. Even the music inside my head. Have you been diagnosed with OcD,


The good news is that you're not going crazy. Your mind is just over worked due to constant worry and stress. It needs a break and time to heal.

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