Just started having anxiety attacks out of no where and I keep feel like am going to die it been two months now

Just look for reassurance just started having anxiety attacks out of no were two months ago went to the er four time they ran all kinds of test and told me am find its just anxiety disorder but every time I have one it so bad I feel like they miss something and tell myself am dying the feels I have are so real that I tell my self the these have to be symptoms of something horrible and they lied to me or miss something am 28 and it hard for me not to have control of my body what should I do I just need to hear that am OK even as am writing this I keep having vision problems or like am going to pass out ugh I really don't like this with everyday it feels like its getting worse just look for some kinda of reanserance or support of some kind..


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  • If the Hospital has done tests and all is ok, I would imagine it will be stress.

    All I can advise is that you go and see your GP and the Surgery will put your mind at rest.

    Try and divert your worries, go shopping swimming or an associated activity that you enjoy. Is there someone you can talk to a friend or something like relatives etc.

    Make that appointment with your GP


  • You will see that most people on here feel the same way . It's just anxiety your body is very sensitized so any small stressor will set it off. I suggest you read a book called ' Hope and help for your nerves' it is a very comforting book.

    Wishing you the best :)

  • Try some natural pills like Clams Forte by the Hylands inc. they suppose to relax you and they are natural GNC sales them and my ex girl friend takes it says it works well ... Wish you luck or try valerian only one test pill at a time don't have both they bitty natural buy you should only try one and seek professional help your Doctor or a Psych wish you luck hope you feel better God Bless...

  • Calms Forte*****

  • Thank you and god bless you to...

  • Anytime .. You can always message me .. I'm having some crazy symptoms right now my body feels numb and cramps at the same time also this chest and upper abdominal pressure seems to be causing all this symptoms try seem to get worst my any better and I took my anxiety pill Buspar....

  • I get like that to I'll take a xanxe and still have a tight cheast and short ness of breath...

  • Does it really help with the shortness of breath and chest pressure discomfort and abdominal ?? And how long did it last you caus mine been for over two weeks now and it still hasn't gone away and I've been taking my Buspar but it's not helping at all not this is why my psychiatrist changed my med to lexapro but I still haven't start it out yet I'm really scared to try a new med feeling the way I feel .... She prescribed me 5mg but I'm still stuck on my Buspar been two months now I guess I got used to them even throw they don't seem to be doing much lately .. And she didn't wanna higher up the Dose to 30 mg a day I stood stuck in 20mg but will run out shortly in three days or so

  • They seem to help with the anxiety attack sometimes and other time it do I take a low does and might have to up it a lil

  • That's good to hear better then not working at all .. Thx keep me posted hope your feeling better

  • Shortness of breath all day for the past two weeks .. Maybe I need to change my medication ....

  • I still can't believe anxiety causes all this crazy symptoms and I don't even feel anxious I'm relAxed just thinking if this physical symptoms I'm getting are normal from anxiety or something else are causing them

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