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Not acting myself ?

Hi, lately I haven't been acting myself. It's really worrying me, I catch myself saying things I usually wouldn't. For example at school I say things before I think and sometimes it gets a little awkward cause they might be on the slightly mean side and also I feel generally WAY more outgoing which is really strange cause my whole life I have been really introverted. I also feel like I'm forcing myself to be normal just like checking in with myself all the time to make sure I'm being normal and not going crazy.

I also find I usually have like two moods one when I'm really happy and one when I feel like I'm going crazy and I have psychosis or something like that. Also I find I'm really distracted and spend so much time doing nothing like 1 hour just trawling forums on health anxiety and I lose track of time in the shower, I spend about 40 mins in there and I can't even remember what I was doing it's really scary.

Also I have this thing where one line of a song gets stuck in my head and I CANNOT get it out and I can't think of anything else apart from that song. Also relating to this I feel like I'm FORCING myself to think normally or just think at all because I generally just find my mind going blank and playing that song round and round. I FEEL LIKE IM FORCING MYSELF TO BE NORMAL.

I am also fatigued and lightheaded 24/7 and it's really hard to concentrate at school? Please help? Is this just anxiety?? Or is it something else ?

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What you're describing sounds like anxiety/ OCD. As for the moods, it's most likely some combination of a panic attack or nervous breakdown triggered by social anxiety. Don't worry about going crazy--if you are self-aware of going crazy then that definitely means your not crazy. Try doing some research on Pure-O, what your describing sounds very similar. Everything is okay. We're all going to die one day. Nothing matters

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It seems you could be a little stressed at school don't let it get to you, you can only do so much don't put pressure on yourself. And just be you we all say and do stuff and then afterwards feel awkward and think oh feel ashamed shouldn't of said or done that. And the song repeating in your head again people do that a lot as well. Try relaxation meditation only about 20 mins every other day it calms your mind. If you enjoy sport do that as well.

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