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Lost myself

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I hate having anxiety. Sometimes it feels like I'll never be normal again, like I'll never feel like me again. Im afraid ill never find myself. It feels like this will never end...

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Hello Lindsey, take a deep breath sweetie. it will not last forever although it may seem like it now. if you need a person to talk to, Here's one okay. take care

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Lindsey14 in reply to Julie98683

Thank you♡

I know how ya feel.. I feel the same way sick of being like this

I feel this way everyday as well. It’s easy to get discouraged. Don’t let it win. You are still you. We can’t let it define or take us over because then it wins. Remember you’re still in there to fight for!

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Lindsey14 in reply to Erinkatja

Thank you very much♡

But you get so emotionally and mentally exhausted from it and it's hard to keep fighting

Lindsey14, it's good to post how we feel because we can learn from other people who have had the same experience. After a while it's good to assess our options for recovering because believe me we can all recover with the right help.

I always say, if you feel overwhelmed by your anxiety and have job and family responsibilities then there is a good case for talking to your doctor about medication. There is some negativity sometimes expressed about meds but I think some of this is caused by our enhanced sense of anxiety. It may require trying out more than one before arriving at something that is best effective and of course many meds take up to 3-4 weeks before we feel the full benefit. I do assure you that the majority or people who use meds do benefit from them but you may have to persevere to find the right one for you.

Therapists and psychiatrists can also help us reorder our thinking and can assist us towards recovery. Some are less helpful than others, it's horses for courses, but many are very helpful and this is a route to recovery well worth exploring.

Then there are self-help methods, i.e. books and websites and YouTube videos by people who know what they're talking/writing about. As you know I recommend the teachings of Claire Weekes and there are others I hear good reports of including the writer of the book 'DARE'.

By tapping into these helpful remedies for recovery it's then good to discuss the methods on the forum in useful exchanges of information. There's only so many times reporting symptoms alone can be helpful to us. At the end of the day, discussing progress in our posts is most rewarding.

Lindsey, you aren't always going to feel like this, you can and will feel better.

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Lindsey14 in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you very much and i am on meds, but they arent helping

Lindsey, if you've been on them for more than 6 weeks and they're not helping ask your doctor for an alternative, doctors expect this, don't give up, ask for another med that works.

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Lindsey14 in reply to Jeff1943

Im in another state rn so i cant sadly

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