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hi all im new here and so glad ive found this site. Well since my dad passed away last march ive been out the door about a dozen times and felt so panicky and anxious, the worst problem i have is i use to enjoy sitting outside in summer if the weather was nice so always have a good bit of colour in my face but because im not out at all im so pale faced so each time im looking in the mirror my minds racing thinking allsorts like im imust be going to die as im so white then start to fell dizzy sick and feel faint its taking over my life and i cant seem to change these thoughts i keep getting :( i so want to feel me again x

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I'm sorry to hear you have been having a rough time. I to have a problem with going out. I barely leave my flat these days unless it's to go to my mums or to the local shop. I panic in big supermarkets or shopping centres. I feel like I am constantly going to collapse and feel so unwell all the time. I can relax for short periods - baths, chamomile tea, listening to music and breathing techniques all help but the anxiety soon returns and often for no obvious reason. I look back on how i used to be and would love to go back to that. Xx


Thanks for replying, i can relate to the shops oh i feel awful in supermarkets, my life is always what if this happens or that happens its crazy and i always think i have something serious wrong with me but im still here but if i could switch my blooming brain off id be ok hmm if only huh? i cant believe that there are so many symptoms of anxiety and how it can make you feel, well after i joined here and read that im not alone my shoulders have dropped which is a first cause there always up at my ears almost xx


Well if you ever need a chat don't hesitate in sending me a message




Have your problems started since the loss of your Dad ?

I have had anxiety on & of for a number of years & lost my Dad this year which has contributed in making my anxiety worse , it can be a stressful situation sometimes that brings peoples anxiety on

Do you feel you have grieved for your Dad?

There is Cruise that are really good , you can find them by putting it in Google , you can phone them and talk , the calls are quiet expensive but they are a Charity , you can also email them but have to wait longer for a reply , this may not be relevant to help you but just a thought

You answered your own anxiety by saying you know you are pale because you hardly go out now , so somewhere among this fear that creates anxiety the as I say sensible side of the brain is still working which is good as you will over time build on that but it can time time & patience and acceptance

Have you spoken to your family , friends about how you are suffering as the more support we can get the better but I know it can be difficult and they do not always understand but on here someone will always understand how you feel so you now have somewhere where you can talk which does help rather than holding it all in

I think seeing your Doctor would be a real help as maybe they could refer you for some Counselling , I would make an appointment and as hard at it may seem to go it would be worth it x


Hi bounce thanks so much for replying back means a lot, i have suffered with anxiety for years but was able to go out to shops on my own and sit outside but the past year has been worse, i did have the dr come to my house but he said well you cant stay in for the rest of your life hmmm yes i do know that but i cant help how i feel right now, i have my daughter and son thats all i lost my mum when i was young, my son lives with me and daughter has her partner now so moved out, but my son is such a help and very understanding, when he saw this site and people replied back he smiled and said mum your not the only one and these people feel the horrible things like you aww bless him x


I lost my Mum as well not when I was young but 11 years ago , I also have agoraphobia

When I started with it I never realized that it was going to develop into where I can hardly leave the house , I started slowly finding ways of getting round going out till now it is nearly impossible so please try not to get like me

I think if you could set yourself little goals maybe

If you used to like sitting out & it is a nice day then even if it was 15 mins try & get yourself to sit out , take the laptop or whatever you use out with you or a book or what ever might distract you while you sit out

Then you could move on to walking to the top of the street or if that feels to far then just a few doors up and back again

This might all sound daft but it does help

I set myself goals and with each little bit I do it is a little bit more which can only be a good thing :-)

That Doctor sounds like they know nothing about these kind of problems unfortunately there are some like that , is there another one in the surgery that you feel might be more tuned into Mental Health issues such as anxiety ?

If you search in Google have you come across "Mind" can phone them and they can be very good on giving advice where in your area there is support ,

Your Son sounds lovely & caring & tell him he is right you are not alone and he will eventually get his Mum back how she was :-) x


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