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Evening all,

I'm struggling to work out what my symptoms mean, they sound very similar to some of yours. One of the worst is nausea followed quite closely by dizziness. I've had multiple bloods and an endoscopy and all looks normal. My symptoms definatly feel much worse when I'm out shopping or at work. This weekend I was out shopping and felt really dizzy and had to sit down, I drove home and nearly instantly felt better and did a few hours of gardening. Could this be anxiety? I am refusing to let this get me down but after feeling like this for so long it's starting too. Any help and advise is much appreciated.


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2 Replies

  • Catman6, it sounds like agoraphobia, fear of the open market place. I had that fear as well. It seemed to stem from the time I got a panic attack at a store and chose to stay in my home, fearing the store. Anxiety has a way of making you think irrationally that the store or whatever was the cause of the panic attack. As you start to stay away from places that are reminders of your anxiety, your world becomes smaller and smaller.

    Educating myself on anxiety plus therapy helped me take that first uncomfortable step forward. Little at a time until I am at where I am today. Able to drive and go places w/o worrying about anxiety. I do use deep breathing which helps keep me in control by it keeping my mind calm.

    Catman, don't let anxiety get away with it's threats and fears. Pursue going forward. The forum will help you not feel so alone.

  • Do you think I should see my Dr for medication? Or is there another way?

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