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Bad day.... Whats wrong with me!!

Hi All,

God struggling again today... Had a bad night last night but managed to calm myself down in the end..

Today I just don't feel with it :( Im really really dizzy.. I can feel that I have tension all in my shoulders so I am obviously worrying.. I thought I would get the all clear and start to feel better but its just not the case :( Im now convinced its my blood pressure or im on the verge of having a seizure...

I keep getting these weird sensations over my body.. and then boom really dizziness... Im exhausted and feel like I am never going to get better or beat this :( its ruining my life.. I can't concentrate at work, my mind just keeps wondering off :(

I keep trying to tell myself its anxiety but keep going what if.. what if this time its not... what happens if I collapse and don't wake up.. what if I faint in front of everyone..

I keep wondering if it really is anxiety or something far more sinister happening, I can't believe it makes you feel that bad :(

Please help someone I am really struggling :(

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Hi there

Sorry that you feel like this , it is horrible...... but it sounds like anxiety to me.

I don't know if this will help, but I got sent a link for a workbook on anxiety which was for children, Ive been working through it and it really has made things easier for me, as I can understand what happens in your body when we are anxious, it explains abut the old part of the brain which deals with emotions and controls the fight or flight , and how when this trigger is set off, our other brain shuts down which is why we cant think straight......its explains the symptoms of anxiety and why they happen, and also how we can trigger the fight or flight mechanism withoug any real danger , and how we get into thought holes.......

I was sent this link from person I was following on facebook, if youre interested I can get the title for you.... its really helping me.

I don't know if this helps, I know when youre in panic its hard to believe this is just adrenaline, but that's the whole part of it.

If I can help, let me know. Youre not alone, anxiety is horrid and scary and makes you think negative thoughts!!

Love and hugs Ker xx


Hi Anne,

Thank you, please could you get the title that would be great :) x


Hi there, the book is called The most unique anxiety relief workbook for your child in the Universe...... the author is Renee Jain.... and see if this link to amazon works....

Hope this helps, let me know how you get on

Love and hugs Ker xx


Hi fedup

It sounds like you are really exhausted, its really difficult when the anxiety takes over. I find that find something relaxing usually helps, for example gardening or crafts. Are you at work right now? If so try getting out for a walk and fresh air during your lunch break x


OMG i feel exactly the same at times. Last year i felt just like you everyday which was debilitating and exhausting. It was concluded after many tests that i get low blood sugar and low blood pressure and having anxiety all at the same time is hell cos i don't know which is causing these symptoms. I too like you can't believe anxiety causes so many different symptoms but i am learning to accept that they do from this site. I too have a fear of fainting or getting ill, its not nice is it. all i can say is try to ignore it and tell it to buzz off and hopefully it will get less and less, this what I'm practicing. take care x


Hi All, well felt a bit better even went into a meeting which normally trigger some sort of panic... however when I was stood by the door with my boss and the client I thought god im stood up and it almost makes my head go... "get dizzy" so Im literally stood there thinking im going to go im going to go... but thankfully she left, sat down at my desk and started to feel better.. I just don't understand :(

I feel like if this carries on im not going to get anywhere :(

Hunnynug I have had all clear on blood tests for blood sugar and my blood pressure has been perfect everytime - still worried it is my blood pressure though....

My new mindfulness book arrived today so hopefully will read that tonight and start to feel better! x


Hey Hun just sent u a little message. How are u feeling now? You know how I have been and I thought like u getting v the all clear from the cardiologist that I could go back to normal but no I was Wrong. I was told yesterday each day write the positives and achievements down and reflect anxiety makes us negative. Xxx could I have the link for the anxiety book please anne64 :-) xxx


Hi there, Ive posted the name of the book and its author, also the link to amazon, not sure if the link works or if it has expired, but if you go on amazon and put the title in, it should come up,, give me a shout if you need any more info!! xx


Hey you,

Hope you've started feeling better...I too get the whole dizzy thing, it's no fun but try and ride it out, I've been palpitating and dizzy all day and I'm still here so I must be doing something right lol.

Just keep coming on here and talking about it, it always helps me xx


Thanks Anne I found it xx


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