Whats wrong with me!!?

Im new to this group. I've been feeling many of the symptoms that many of you have.. feeling dizzy,nervousness and have the fear of even going shopping because I'm scared of passing out. Its been getting worse this past month.. my Dr hasn't diagnosed me with anxiety but I'm sure that's whats going on. I soon have an appointment ,praying that i get a diagnosis. . 😢


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  • Hello

    It sounds like all the typical symptoms of anxiety

    What did your Doctor say it was the last time you went or did they sort of dismiss what you were saying ?

    I am pleased you have another appointment & try & stay strong & this time make them listen & make them say what they feel is causing you to feel this way & if needs be ask for some support or a referral

    Keep talking to others on here as I am sure you will feel some comfort bu doing so & let us know how your next appointment goes ...Take Care x

  • Last time I was told it was vertigo. I took the medication but nothing got better.. I'm hoping next week I finally get a proper diagnosis

  • Hello

    I also get vertigo and as well as already having anxiety my vertigo makes me feel anxious to

    I do not take anything for mine as it comes & goes usually I get it mostly when I have had a bad cold , ear infection or sometimes when I have been going through an anxious time but you want to insist that you get a proper diagnosis to why you feel as bad as you do , you are at least entitled to that

    Have you anyone you can take with you for moral support ?

    Hope it all goes well :-) x

  • My husband works at the time of the appointments so its only me and my two little girls.. but I will insist on getting a proper diagnosis. . Im tired of feeling like this. . Thank you for your feedback 😄

  • Oh that is a shame it would have been good if he could have gone with you but when you are there look at your two lovely daughters & tell yourself you will stay strong & get some answers & that even if you don't feel you have the strength for you do it for them so you can start to really enjoy all the lovely years ahead watching them grow up :-)

    Good Luck x

  • I feel exactly the same and have done for 3 years but I think now I've never passed out,it's just the horrible thoughts in your head x

  • You're not alone! I started feeling that way a month ago and am just now getting over the attacks but physically still feel out of it. I have a little boy and everyday I have to battle the panic for myself and him above anything. It's definitely anxiety that you're having and the hardest part is accepting that that's all it is. I promise you it will get better though! Be proud of yourself for seeking help and not wallowing around allowing it to control you. When you feel those horrible emotions coming on tell yourself mentally you will not allow anything to make you feel bad or scared, you are in control and will not give this anxiety permission to run your life. You are an amazing, strong, beautiful person who calls all the shots. It'll be hard at first but you'll get stronger and will be able to tell yourself "it's just anxiety" and think nothing more of it and get on with your day. Best of luck! I also downloaded an app called mindfulness that offers really positive meditation, I usually can never stay awake through them lol cuz they relax me so much but my mindset has definitely improved.

  • Thank you for your kind wordas.. I try to keep bussy to keep my mind off of the symptoms and when I realize I feel good I start to think about it and it starts all over again.. I will look into getting the app 😄😄

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