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Lately I've been freaking out because I think my anxiety is now causing me to feel unreal and some things around me also. Sometimes I feel like I am in a bit of a fog. Yesterday I went to my therapy appointment like I do every Wednesday and usually I do fine but we started talking about how I am feeling lately like I am disconnected from reality and feel as if sometimes I don't know who I am. It is a very scary feeling and I freaked myself out into feeling that very way as we were talking about it and I had a panic attack. I had to leave and go outside to get calendar down and take my Ativan. Does anyone else get this feeling ever? If so what are some things you do to get yourself calmed down?

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I have felt like that too. I'm going through an ugly divorce on top of having anxiety so now my depression is back. Who can feel happy with anxiety at your every move. When I talk to people I feel they will think I am stupid so I don't hear most anything they said. I do it at work too I hate it and try to tell myself I'm not because I know better. But its just a black cloud that follows me everywhere.


I would excersize, call a friend, do something to occupy myself physically like clean, reorganize. Anything to distract me from what I am feeling.

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