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Does anyone suffer with depersonalization and derealization or one of them?


HI i suffer with both depersonalization and derealization and it is with me 24/7 i feel like nothing is real and i feel detached from myself and i feel so numb like someone is taking over my body? Unless you experience this you would probably think im going mad. But i try and explain to people and they don't understand but it is the most bizarre feeling i have ever felt. It is soo scary im 20 years old male and it scares the crap out of me. I feel so numb so not only is everything so disoriented and unreal.. my body feels numb and unreal? I get pressured head with thus and i feel like im in a big bubble. Also if i am around crowded people everything goes really weird and unreal like as if i can't make it out and i have to close my eyes and run away from people to get my eye sight back as such. Also everything is so blurry .. I feel drugged up as such 24/7.. Arhh this is horrible please has anyone got this?

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Hi, yes its something I have suffered from and I agree it is totally horrible. I started getting it when I first experienced anxiety when I was 12. I felt like I had a goldfish bowl on my head or was behind a glass partition and couldn't get through it to reality. My mouth would go numb so I felt that I couldn't eat or swallow properly. I am not feeling too good at the moment (anxiety come and goes, sometimes with years in between) and can totally relate to your feelings of head pressure. I have that every day as well as the inability to see properly. I was in a shop yesterday and couldn't focus on the assistant I was talking to. If I drive I feel as if I can't see the road, although I know I can, but it is scary and also makes me want to run away - mostly from myself I have to say! All these things are very unpleasant to experience. The good news is it doesn't last for ever. For me distracting myself from the feeling so that I don't become consumed by it works. So if I am at home, I will do a jigsaw puzzle, bake a cake or colour in pictures in a children's colouring book (sounds silly but if it works!). I have to do something that requires complete concentration because when you feel like you're not really here that consumes you and in my case makes me feel worse. I am 60 now and over the years have learned how to deal with periods in my life where anxiety has reared its ugly head again. Its never easy but I have found books like those written by Claire Weeks ( very helpful because she explains what causes these feelings and then explains how you can react to them in a way that can help you overcome the fear of them. You need to find what works for you. Hope this helps.

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Hi Paws. Are you still around? Just found this site and was looking to connect with other people who live with depersonalization. I'm 46 yo female.


HI thanks for replying, Ive always felt like my eyes site has been different as such for a while it might sound weird but like it is almost like i don't see things as i should. I also notice crowds make me feel worst like really spaced out and everything feel disorientated. Did you have it 24/7 for a while? I seem to be having this constant with head pressure and my eyes feel tight and blurred and also numbness? Did you get numbness all of your body? I feel like i can't feel my body 100% and im not sure if this is to do with the Depersonilization part as i do have times where i feel like im watching myself. And my body don't feel like mine. Thank you for that advice i will look at her book thank you/

Hi love i get this its such a weird feeling that you are unable to explain i have been like it all day today it makes me feel like i am going mad and scares the hell out of me and can never explain how i feel i tend to go into deep day dreams as well i have been suffering with panic and anxiety which dont help have you seen your gp and explained how you feel luv and are you on any meds sometimes they may make you feel like this xxx


Hi sheffieldwed, thanks for replying, It is horrible i just don't know if im coming or going i suffer with panic and anxiety also. I can't go out because i feel so bad. I was told im suffering with Panic disorder and agoraphobia. Ive been to my gp a few times and he said he thinks it is anxiety. I was told i suffer with panic disorder and and agoraphobia by my therapist. I have CBT at home every Tuesday and i am on week 8 but have seen no improvements. I have been on Antidepressents and none seem to work for me ive been tried on about 4 different ones over the months and have had very bad side effects even after i have left them in my system. Im scared to take anymore now and it is so weird because this feeling is like im drugged up 24/7 but i ain't. I also have deep day dreams and it is almost like i can't bring myself to reality. My body also feels numb and unreal and i get tired alot do you experience this also please? Im sorry to hear you have this also and i hope your ok xx

Hi Tom,

No, love, you're really not alone with this. I have it a lot too, although as Paws says it comes and goes and I have long periods without it but then also long periods when it is with me 24/7.

It's very hard to accept that such strange and dissorientating symptoms can be anxiety. I have the problems with my vision too. Until I joined this site I had no idea that this could be a part of the anxiety: I was in and out of the opticians like a revolving door!!!

I've been struggling with it the last few days so I don't really have any advice apart from to say keep telling yourself "it's just anxiety" and wait for it to pass. It will pass.

Best Wishes,


Hi Lizard. It's been a year since you posted this but I just found this site today and was wondering if you too were still around. Thx


Hi Lizard, Thank you so much for your reply. I feel so alone with this until i joined this site. It is the most bizarre feeling it is horrible. And i can not believe how many people go through this i thought i was going crazy. Im sorry you also go through this and thanks for message. I hope you feel alot better and it is a shame no one understands until they go through it. Take care xx

Hi. Are you still around? I do. It acts up badly during periods of stress

I just found this site this morning. I am in what appears to be a "flare up" of depersonalization or some dissoc episode. It's been 3 weeks now. I think it was fueled by uncovering feelings in therapy I felt were too much to bear. Would appreciate any support with anyone who understands. I'm a 46 year old female. Thx

I just discovered this site as well, looking for some form of relief. I'm a 19 year old female who's been dealing with dp/dr since I first was diagnosed with anxiety when I was 13. The depersonalisation and derealisation comes and goes but recently it's been getting terrible again. I've had agoraphobia since I was 14 and I've been homebound for 3 and a half years now. It's caused me to get severely depressed and anxious over everything. Every single time my dad or mum leave the house, I feel as though I'm going to pass out because my separation anxiety and dp/dr gets so intense. I've been put on new medication recently but I feel as though it's only making my anxiety overalll worse. I just feel numb and hazy all the time and my heart never seems to beat steadily anymore. I feel like I'm going insane. It's good to know I'm not alone though.

Hi Amethyst327, I havent been on here for a while but am back now while I feel I can. I have both physical illnesses and emotional. I do very much understand depersonalisation and dissociation. I have dissociative identity disorder, took years for diagnosis and is all still quite a new thing to get my head around BUT I am in therapy like yourself and uncovering/talking about past traumatic experiences, and during this but esp after.....oh my I dont know how I get home as I dont feel I am in control of this body. I feel like i dont know wherr my skin and the air meets, like I am fluid. I feel behind myself, about 2 foot behind, watching myself move. I have to normally get either a bus or taxi home, and at these times its hell. When i get home I am in a strange place. Its complicated. I try to hide it all as much as poss from my husband and others. I feel in hell like this. I am more than ok to offer support to you re dissoc and depers. As well as suffering with D.I.D. i am also a trainee therapist and qualified hypnotherapist so luckily have a lot of info under my belt as well as extensive personal experience. I am here if you would like to. I can offer ways that may help you when u feel like this. Certain things really help with me but everyone is different in what helps them best. All the best. Hope your day is a nice one x

You are not alone. I've been suffering from this for the last couple of years, becoming more in tense recently. Going to a licensed, skilled Christian therapist helped me. Also, these support sites helped recently.

I feel like I'm dreaming 24/7 and when I say something I can't remember what I said like I feel like I didn't say it .

Hello frnds, I am from India and I am also having these type of panic attacks I feels that I am a walking zombie every thing feels unreal but in the back of my mind I know that everything is real and that I will hurt someone because I get so much aggressive or you can say overprotective at that time .but Now I have started doing yoga and meditation and it helped me alot and the frequency of these panic attack is reduced ,along with these i have started taking ayurvedic medicine and it helped me too because these anti depressant are not good for the body and mind even though if you keep taking these one day your body will become habitual of suppose say the 20mg dosage after that u have to keep on increasing your dose.If I am wrong sorry for that but this is my personal experience.keep fighting :)

is anyone here still active?

I thought I was just being crazy feeling light headed, as if wasnt in my own body and disconnected to the air around me when walking around the shops. Head feels like I'm in a bubble and about to explode, hence the pressure feeling. I thought I was on my own and mad and cannot believe in fact it happens to many people! I'm 47 and have been suffering with this all my life - I hide it well most of the time or if it's really bad just don't go out - have built my life around it though and missed out on so much not realising - will try and take on board all the suggestions to help on here and read the books now. Thanks ❤️

Im feeling with you every thing in me is light

I heard a theory about how your earth could be connected to a cell in your mind and i feel like that is true. I feel like i am going to throw up and i am crying uncontrollably. i dont know what to do. How do i know youre even real??

That is not true at all. And who ever wrote that has depersonalization/Derealization, and that was his or her opinion.

Hi I'm a 14 year old boy and I've been suffering this feeling of depersonalisation since I think I was about 11 but it's got worser and worser. I feel tired and disconnected 24/7, and I tell my parents and they say you need to have enough  sleep, however it doesn't matter how much sleep I get I still feel tired and lost. In class I feel scared to put my hand up just incase I lose my words or disconnect to the class and just go silent. I will be driving in a few years and I'm worried I will lose connection with the road, when I look out the window everything feels like a dream - it feels gloomy. If anyone has experienced this feeling or is still experiencing it can u please share information with me or if you've cured from this. Thanks

I feel the same way!!. 24/7 I'm currently 14 years old Isn't that abnormal for someone like me?


I haven't been diagnosed with depersonalization disorder but I do think I suffer from it. Whenever I'm stressed out, it feels like I'm floating or walking on top of a cloud. And it feels like my soul is coming in and out of my body.

I have the EXACT SAME FEELINGS and I cannot get away from this....I avoid any social events its ruining my life always has

OMG! I feel the same way! This happens to me at least twice a month or so. I am talking to my friend, and it's like I am behind my own body, is this really happening now? It only lasts a few seconds with me. It's so weird, I am a Diabetic and have HTN, could it be one of these?

hello has anyone gotten better and if you did what was your diagnose.because i think i have the same thing hope to hear back from somebody thanks,,,,,

I have heard of this term for a while now and never really payed much attention. As I have read through the replies, I realize that this IS in fact EXACTLY what I have been experiencing. Every person I have brought this up to had no idea what I was talking about. It is like you're not even in your own body, like you're merely a set of eyes. For me the only thing I am aware of is my feet touching the floor (that is if I can even muster up the courage to get up!) I suffer from nearly constant anxiety and panic and I'd rather have a broken bone than have this debilitating sensation 24/7. It is merciless. I also get heart palpitations and all sorts of other disturbing symptoms. I haven't been able to dance or work out in a LONG time. I see my life passing me by every day because of this. I've been in the hospital for fear of collapsing or passing out. Had tests done. Nothing. I can barely walk thru the kitchen without grabbing for the counter top because this airy feeling makes me feel like I cannot make it. unsteadiness etc. I am fear incarnate and I hate it. I'm praying for strength.

I have suffered from this for years, I just try to ignore it and pretend that it's normal, I have yet to find any tips or tricks to rid the feeling.

hey guys i'm a 20 year old guy from the bay area/india, and my depersonalization began about maybe 5 months ago, about a month after quitting smoking marijuana(i was a pretty heavy smoker for about 3-4 years). anyways, while it lasted almost every day of the week the first couple months, it has significantly dropped down, because of a combination of mindfulness practices, obviously not touching anything that can further mess up my brain chemistry, and some therapy sessions. while it still hasn't left me completely, it has significantly dropped to where i can understand it as a form of restlessness/anxiety. another reason why it has reduced for me is making sense of it: it always starts off for me as a set of thoughts/questions that no person can fully answer as of the present, regarding big picture subjects like life and the universe and all that stuff, and then I'd just scare myself as a result immensely. i think understanding your process into the anxiety and really reasoning it out can be a great tool in helping you cope, because you're going to have to deal with it head on more than depend on outside medicine/support if you wanna get anywhere, in my opinion at least.

I have had this non stop for 7 months and I feel like it will never go away so I'm hoping for that time everyone keeps talking about where it goes away. Having really bad episodes right now keep getting woken up with a fright because I can't feel my body & I'm scared I will just die in my sleep.

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