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hey, ive been dealing with dr and dp for over 5 years now. its been a tough road, but ive gotten used to it by now. i was just wondering who else on here suffers from it? hearing from people who also have it helps me feel more grounded. also maybe let me know what kind of things help u with it? it feels like im going crazy sometimes, like im on lsd or something.

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I have. It is odd because sometimes I do not even realize that it is happening when it occurs.

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I suffer from it, I’ve had it for 2 years. Feel free to message me

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I've had it 13 years I got help for it about 15 months ago dealing with the core problem and medication, I know I'm slowing recovering, yesterday I was tidying my son's room and everything felt really for a couple of minutes, also my anxiety is dying down finally!

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Natashar in reply to Pamdon81

What medication did you take for this?

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I have had episodes. I do not suffer because of it, though. It is quite common with anxiety. I have a lot of resources on my profile for DP/DR sufferers. My favorite, Claire Weekes, calls this "feelings of unreality". Check out her stuff :) Swamy from has fantastic stuff on DP/DR (also on the resources I list).

I've had it for six years. Always feel like I'm on lsd. You're not alone.

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