I don't want to be here any more 🔪

My tablets are working but its my life its fucked up I can't take it I cant my kids have been token to care and now its cort after cort to try and get them back I all ways been there for my kids clean home nice food toys cloths so on but my anxiety and depression got really bad in 2016 so my home became not that nice there was to much going on to make me feel worse like my bf was on weed I was having money problems and getting really behind on bills to pay for he's weed and what ever else he needed so my mental health got worse to the point I gave up on everything I did ask for he's help when things got mess he was living there too but he done nothing so I gave up even more it feels like people are blaming only me its funny they forget I never used to be like this I was a clean person and I all ways done everything for my baby's I just feel like giving up end this pain for ones and for all and kill my self 🔪😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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  • glitterangel03, I remember all you went through last year. It would have been horrific for any mother to go through. I believe that you were the good person you said with your children. Anxiety and depression makes us someone we are not. You need to reach out for some help right now. If the meds are working, that's good BUT...apparently not well enough that you are thinking of giving up. Taking one's life is never the answer, never....

    Is there someone you can call right now to come over and talk with you. Even going to your local ER, you would be cared for. The police have social workers on call as well. Do not stay alone with this thought. Please seek the help you need. We are all here to support you. Stay Safe....

  • Its just a feeling I don't have the guts to do it trust me its just everything has gone badly wrong for me that why I feel the way I do but don't have the guts to do it as iam scared of death

  • Oh I know glitterangel, afraid to live and afraid to die...

    We're here if you need us. x

  • Thank u

  • I got back in touch with my parents after I was in care. Are you still with the bf? Thinking of you.

  • Thank u and yes we are trying to make it work and fighting for are kids

  • Ok. I'm gathering he's the father of your kids? Is he still smoking cannabis? Ty

  • Yes he is the dad and no he don't do it any more

  • PLEASE if you ever feel like hurting yourself, reach out to me or someone, even a hotline. I just lost a close friend this way and I WISH she would've reached out to someone. Whatever you are going through is just temporary and it will come to pass. Don't give up, Keep your Faith and keep pushing. It will get better ❤

  • Sorry to hear that and thank u

  • I can relate about giving up on the cleaning because of depression and anxiety...Im going through that now. My boys are teenagers and dont help out so I gave up but I pray that things get better for you , me and everyone that goes through these kind of struggles. We are here for each other...take care hun. Things will get better.

  • Thank u it was hard to put this on Here and I hope things as well get better for u

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