Just waking up

So... it's about 530am here and I'm just waking up after maybe 4 hrs of sleep but as soon as I woke up I felt really irritated and upset which made the anxiety rise. I'm getting worried that this is more than anxiety. I don't feel any pain or discomfort to make me feel anxious, It just seems like I'm upset about waking up and that is scary because I should wake up feeling Grateful. Also, I had 2 celery and water before I finally went to sleep. Idk what's going on.


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  • Are you on any medication?

  • Hi, no medication for me. I'm trying to get through it the natural way.

  • That's great that you're trying without medication, a lot of people opt for that straight away. Have you had any CBT? How are you feeling right now? Describe, has it got any easier?

  • No I haven't had any CBT as of yet. My first appointment with a therapist is March 10th. Right now I feel a little bit at ease. I'm learning to not go in to a panic and to just breathe. It helps

  • Great! Maybe you could try the 7/11 technique, breathing in for 7 seconds, exhaling for 11. You are in control, not the anxiety. It may stay with you forever but you need to work with it, realising these feelings WILL pass :) Hopefully from your CBT sessions you will find a coping mechanism that works for you. As soon as you feel like you could go into panic mode, start the deep breaths, clench your fists, remind yourself that it will pass and that you have no reason to panic.

  • Wow Thank You. I never heard of the 7/11 technique. I will keep that in mind, I will pretty much explore all of my natural options so Thank You for that 😊

  • You're more than welcome, I know it's a horrible thing to deal with. Have you got any close friends or family that support you?

  • Yes My Mom has been through it so she is very supportive. She tries to help.

  • I thought the 7/11 technique was to actually GO to a 7/11...

  • Lol like the gas station/store?

  • Yeah lol.

  • That's funny because I go there all the time because I LUV their ice and their gas is not so expensive lol. Now they have a sign saying "You Have to pay for a cup of ice" on the soda machine hahahaha too funny.

  • I feel your pain I haven't sleep either all night since yesterday my anxiety hasn't let me but mine is fear of going to sleep

  • It's so Hard. I feel like I'm running out of options. Maybe you can try to listen to music to get some sleep. I used to listen to the anxiety disorder station on Pandora

  • They actually get me anxious I don't understand why but the anxiety music dosnt work for me it makes me scared for some really weird reason I just put the TV on it makes me believe there's people awake in my house which makes me feel safe thank you for the suggestion

  • No Problem. That's good that you have some sort of remedy. The TV also works for me too. Do you take any medicines at all? When I first heard the anxiety station it made me really anxious because it seemed to be so loud to me but instead of using head phones, I just let it play through my phone and turned it low.

  • Well I study to become a nurse and being an anxious person I think makes that a Lil bit harder for me especially leaning about so many diseases.. I was recommended by my doctor to take a anxiety medication daily but I said no .. I'm scared and I just don't think it's healthy for my body I believe anxiety medication in being medical experiments ..

  • I totally agree with you about the medication. I'm trying natural ways, like changing my diet and also reminding myself it's all in my head. I go to the Dr's more just for reassurance lol. It's not easy but it will get better. You can always get up here to express yourself. I read that if you write down what you are feeling at the moment you begin to have an attack, it will help ease it. I come here and just write and I noticed it helps. I'm seeing a physciatrist in March for the 1st time also. If you have someone close to you, open up to them and tell them what you are going through.

  • Yes reassurence does help alot I see someone bi weekly and they just help remind things are going to be okey keeping a diary might help you .. I don't really talk to anyone in still in my senior year and I have trust issues usually teens wanna just know your business and share it bring you down um I rather talk to someone I know won't say anything.. also the majority of people that haven't has anxiety have no idea what it'd like they think it's a joke everyone has a Lil anxiety but some people have more and I didnt know anxiety was so bad until I was diagnosed .. before I thought anxiety was nothing serious .. but it is hard to deal with and only the people going thru it know it ... so yeah it's hard ..

  • Yess so true and some teens can be brutal, Especially when they don't have knowledge of something or any understanding of it, Some Adults too. I've been there trust me! You are doing the right thing and you are on the right track. You will get better with time, just keep pushing.

  • Yes thankyou you will too just keep your head up take things one step at a time

  • Thank You. I appreciate it 😊

  • yes so many of my friends say "be thankful you woke up, many do not" it doesn't help me. I was up at 6am letting the dog out......I'd had a rough sleep, my irregular heart beat was unreal, PVCs, palpatations, skipped beats, left arm pain......FEAR!! This has gone on since last Oct. It all feels so very hopeless

  • I understand. I Pray you are able to get some peace of mind. I Pray we all do. I know everything will work out. We were brought to this forum for a reason!

  • Getting the results back from the cardiologist as negative may help??? I don't know......I sure don't want something bad showing up. I think I'd start running and never stop. If we could just get total control of our thoughts and fear.....there were times we were normal, why can't it return......I guess we are older an had it longer to thing about and dwell on. We don't want sympathy, we want a cure.

  • Yes so true. I see a lot of different posts up here about racing hearts and so far all tests are coming back Good and also they're being told it's stress and anxiety. I think you're going to be fine but the wait for the results is dreadful I can imagine. I want to be back to my normal happy self so bad, Aug cure would be a blessing.

  • the reason I worry is that I do have a heart murmur and have had an irregular heart beat on and off for 30 yrs....what if.......everyone says if it had been BADDDDDD they'd of called me instantly, I don't know, drs. can be lax here. We have a cottage...last yr was horrible going out so nauseated 24/7 I didn't enjoy it at all.....it started to let up in Sept after a yr. but then the heart and fear took over my being. Who would want to be like this.......dear Lord if I ever needed surgery I'd never be able to control the shaking and fear. I really get angry at me. Sometimes I feel so alone.......I just want to laugh, smile and enjoy again

  • kama24, is the heart murmur by any chance, Mitral Valve Prolapse?

  • Years ago it was said that it very much resembled Mirtal Valve Prolapse, then no more was said, I've had thallium stress testes, rest/stress test, ECGs ECG ultra sound, and worn a haulter at different times...when it's really bad I can look in a mirror and see the pulse in my neck do strange things......if I didn't feel it I wouldn't fear it. I hope tonight is better.....I've been trying to find a support group for panic/anxiety but none in this city. CBT classes yes, I already did one session of them, but I'd rather have people talking to support ea other. I have one last place to enquire on Thurs. Tired tonight after so little rest last night.

  • Hi kama, the reason I asked is because I was diagnosed with MVP years ago as well as anxiety disorder. They seem to go hand in hand, although how can you not be anxious with heart symptoms.

    I remember a while back support groups where held but are far and few between now.

    I hope you get some rest tonight. Feel better.


  • I hear you! The cardiologists told me many people don't even notice the skipped beats and are not bothered at all. I wish!!! Each time I feel the lst one I wonder when the next will come etc. I actually slept great last night, I was so tired from being semi asleep the night before with the "fish" jumping" in my chest plus being woke at 6am by our dog :-) Today is another day. it would be a miracle to just wake and not even think about it, just take it for granted and enjoy every minute! I will try my best, but "it" is always in the background.

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