Dred waking up anymore!

I woke up 4 years ago an entirely different person. I used to go out,go places, socialize, ...and boom I have throbbing thru my entire body,muscle aches,brain zaps, shakes,brain fog and head pressure that is soo unbearable, point to where all I do is sleep, I work nights shift for past 7 years,I just wonder if it's night shift disorder, it's making me so depressed I just want to not wake up one day!..it's every single day..from time I wake up till I get home and sleep...I wake up and start all over.. it feels like I'm in a fog to were nothing is real...went to doctors multiple times,waste of time and money.... I have so many symptoms I could go on forever .. sleep 13 hrs feel like shit ...never feel rested.. I'm loosing my mind and fighting everyday to stay me...it's like I'm loosing myself...


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  • this sounds so sad. do you enjoy your work? is there anything that you do that you enjoy? i think you must find something that will bring you some contenment and a feeling that you have done something worthwhile. many people have jobs they do not like and they have to go to work to get the money to pay the bills but we all need something to do that we enjoy.have you stopped socialising because of all the pain that your in. how on earth do you manage to go to work. do you get anything for your pain. have you been diagonsed with an illness.i dont think working night shift all of this time is good for you as even you are wondering this as you need to see the sunshine and get out into the nice warm air. and get some light. maybe you could think of changing your job. is this possible. do you have friends or family that you can talk to about these things, i think you should go to your doctor and explain all your pain and see if there is anything wrong physically and what can be done. and go from there. keep in touch . love grace xoxoxo

  • I enjoy a lot of things,golfing,shooting,cars,races,going on hikes,exploring places,..I just have this terrible brain fog,shakes,when I get in the sun is overheat to where I'm so dizzy, I don't know what has happened...I love my job..I make great money,but have no ambition,cause I know when I wake up tomorrow, just like today and the day before...I get all the same stuff happening to me...when I wake up its the worst..I feel like someone put an air hose in my ears and filled my brain up with pressure...I stand up and get like a heartbeat THROBBING thru my entire body!!it's so strange...doctors say I have low vitamin D ...I'm 6ft 195 lbs..44 years old look more like 30...feels like I'm going to die ...seems Doctorso just don't know...going to get mri done an cat scan...ekg...everything...in very near future...in process of closing on a new home..and once that's done let the medical bills fly ...I just don't know what to do anymore...as for me making it to work and getting up to do it...idk how I do it some days......maybe me moving out of the city will help...I may have bad allergys..I live in Austin TX and that's about when it all started,is when I moved here about a year in

  • well at least things are moving forward and your getting your mri scan and hopefully they will find out what is causing all those dreadful feelings. what you say your feeling in the mornings is just awful and i feel terrible for you. have you or are you getting any treatment for love vitamin D levels? when you say your closing a new home i think you mean selling your home is that right. that can be very stressful. hopefully it wont be very long until your scan and mri. i do hope so as i feel i cant really help you other than give you some encouragement to just keep going and take it one day at a time as at least you have some hope that your going to get this sorted.i dont even know where Austin TX is im in the uk but its strange how it all started when you went there isnt it. maybe it will help when you move out of the city. you have friends here who can support you and try to keep your spirits up until you get your mri scans and tests. i send you my love dear friend and god bless you. keep in touch please and let us know how you are. and remember its a day at a time. love grace.oxoxoxo

  • Thank you !..and closing I mean buying a new home...and boy is this gonna be a struggle!!..I get tired just getting dressed for work..lol...thanks for talking with me..

  • thats ok i just hope that i am some kind of support for you and i think what your going through is horrendous, im here for you and so are many more people. keep your chin up as you do have hope that when you get the mri scan that they will find out what is causing all those problems. be very gently with yourself.love grace xoxoxo

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