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Morning Anxiety?


Is anyone else’s anxiety the worst in the morning right when you wake up? I wake up every morning, as soon as I feel myself coming out of the sleep, nauseous, shaky, upset stomach, anxious. How do you get it to stop? It takes me at least an hour or two to calm it down after that it’s better but I hate waking up with these feelings.😭

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Yes totally me mornings are the worst for my anxiety anxious upset stomach nauseous

CDanielle98 in reply to Xoxo33

Ugh! It’s the worst. You’re supposed to wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed!

Xoxo33 in reply to CDanielle98

Exactly I hate it

I woke up today and I did not want to get out of bed. I kept making promises I couldn’t keep - every 5 minutes would be the time I’d get up.

So, not necessarily the anxiety symptoms you’re experiencing, but all together not a great morning that keeps happening.

I tried to play music. I turned on my light. Nothing was making it better.

I took a second and asked myself, “Why do I feel this way? What exactly am I thinking about my day and what’s coming that causing this reaction in me?”

Usually, I’m dreading something. My inner negative monologue is like music playing in tab I didn’t know I have open.

So, I forced myself to make a list of reasons why I was happy to wake up and looking forward to my day. Anything and everything that was choosing a positive perspective.

I stopped choosing the worst tasks to focus on completing first thing in the morning.... I tried to be gentler to myself and plan ahead to make it easier for me.

Now, I know that anxiety has cause physical symptoms that you experience before you realize the background thoughts or whatever. Maybe it’s too much to do by yourself or in the morning... too much to bear to recognize all the things you’re imagining going wrong or afraid of. This might be something like that you on in therapy or something. Idk.

Try the reasons to wake up or feel peace about the oncoming day. You can do it in the morning or list them at night before you go to bed - and then look forward to them.

Best of luck. I hope you have a peaceful morning awaiting you soon. Thanks.


I Googled it once and there are sound medical and biological reasons why the butterflies and impending doom feelings are strongest shortly after you wake up.

I usually find it easing off around 4pm, and depression lifts a little then too. My favourite time is around 2am, so when I wake up in the night I tend to stay awake enjoying the peace. As dawn breaks I start to feel bad.

I wonder if I could research that myself as well. I was thinking there must be a reason. I too am way more calm at night!

I just Googled 'Morning Anxiety' Danielle and there's quite a lot about it there. Can't recall which link gave the biological reasons for it, but they are probably all quite interesting to a person who's suffering with that horrible feeling.

I also printed off a few copies of this help sheet called 'Unhelpful Thinking Styles' which I hope this is a link to:

If not just Google Unhelpful Thinking Styles and look at the images. It was a great help to me until the anti-anxiety meds started to work.

PS Forgot to say, I Blu-tacked those help sheets to my walls in various places in the house. I did find that it helped with my catastrophising and predicting dire outcomes all the time.

I to waKe up with anxiety, stomach upset. All your symptoms i have. I quess it is nervouse anticipation of how our day will be. I immediatly go to the kitchen and make myself a hot cup of tea. It calms the stomach.

Yep same here. I'm feeling a little anxious right now.

Yes mine usually is

Yes, if I have a few bad days- usually mornings are very unpleasant too.

If I am calmer and less and anxious - the mornings are better too.

I try not to lie in but make myself coffee, breakfast, tidy up, go for a walk. Slowly it get's better as if the brain has more information / visual stimulus to think about.


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