Is this still anxiety? It's killing me

Anyone else feel like this. For so long now I've been just spaced out in a fog for over 1 1/2 years. I won't eleaboarte into everything as I already did in past posts. But something that's bothering me is how easily I forget things. for instance I'll be in the shower and I'll tell myself "Go look up things song on google after I get out". I'll get out of the shower, get dressed and book never end up doing it. And this is all in a matter if 5-10 minutes. Then all of a sudden the next day rolls by and I'll remember that I didn't do it and I'll tell myself YET AGAIN to search it but it NEVER gets done. That's a small example of what goes on with me every single day. My memory is terrible and it scares me. Another big thing is how I can't keep track of time. I could sit on my phone for ever and not realize how long I'm really on it. An hour could pass by and it would feel like 10 minutes . Same with the shower... I'll be in there spacing out like usual thinking about the most random things and before you know it 15 -20 minutes have gone by. Days are just going by like it's nothing. The memories that happpen everyday in my life are just not being stored in my Brain. A good way to put it is my memories don't feel "concrete". I just got a head MRi today. It feels like my brain is just poisoned. Idk anymore


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  • Hello

    This is quite common especially with people with anxiety as our brains are so full of everything we cannot always withhold all the information we expect it to !

    I can walk upstairs and stand there wondering why I have :-D

    Maybe mine is age who knows but I don't let it worry me as I know it won't harm me and I know the more I worry the more I will forget , if I start forgetting who I am then I would start worrying :-/ otherwise I just accept it as it is :-)

    I do have a note pad that I am forever jotting things down as I remember , been doing that for years :-)

    I also think that sometimes when our brains have been so overloaded with anxiety it is like a shut down mechanism giving us a rest to prevent maybe us having a total breakdown so in a way it is a good thing that you drift of to some extent , I am sure there will be nothing major to worry about :-)

    As things improve you will remember more and if you can accept it that will also help to :-)

    Take Care x

  • You seem to be really worried about your head which could add to your symptoms. With anxiety, you make yourself feel sick even though you aren't sick. It's crazy and annoying but it's a phase. Unless you get the head MRI back and something comes up, you should do your best to relax and take your mind off of your head. I feel you and it sucks but just try hard to relax.

  • I google my symptoms for hours and hours on end and always search for all the 'online' tests to find out what I have or may have, health anxiety, GAD or adrenal fatigue are the two biggest items that come up. I currently feel really off balance when standing or walking, shaking hand and just plain nervousness and can't control anything, this started to happen about a year ago and is just getting worse each week

  • You may have ADD.

  • This happens to me all the time!!! Last week I forgot everything I felt like the days were short and that all I did was wake up then go to bed. I would forget things even seconds after!! It got better now I just have to be doing something always I also tried writing in a journal the things I did that day and it kind of helped!

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