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Recently I've had so much stress. I'm 40 days clean of alcohol and drugs. My aunt was killed and I started blaming myself I tought I did something therefore someone took it against her and I felt that guiltiness crushing on my chest, we found out that cause and I felt relief. After this a friend of the family die from cancer and it was painful to see her through the process. I started feeling fatigue, got diarrhea, it's maybe due to my long years of heavy drinking. So lately I feel ill I google my symptoms and I start diagnosing myself. I got blood tests done dr said it's all normal. Then I think what if I did show up on the test. I feel guilty for my daughter and my girl. I look at them and freaked out about anything. Can anxiety make me feel watever symptoms I read. Then my brain produces them on my body. ?


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  • If your blood tests came back normal then you are probably fine. I go to therapy and my therapist tells me to focus on the truth and stay off the I ternet googling your symptoms and self diagnosing. It only make your symptoms worse. Also focus on the positives and not the negative things. I know it's easier said than done because I am guilty of this sort of thing also. I hope this helps.

  • Thanks. I just recently started usually I would get paranoid when under drugs. I'm done with all bad things. So i want to change and this is not letting me live comfortably I can't feel a pinch on my body that I need to know the cause. My brain feels hot from thinking, then I google that and you know googling your symptoms feels like. I just can't help it. And like it always think the worse I don't accept casualties or simple sneezes from my 5 month old baby drives me crazy

  • Hi Itsmebandolero, First of all, congratulations on being clean of alcohol and drugs for 40 days. I'm sorry about your aunt and friend of the family. Losses are always a precursor to anxiety symptoms. As Leighakay said, it is not good to Google, it only adds to your fears. You are going through losses as well as some health worries probably over your years of heavy drinking. For each day you go without, your body and your brain will readjust. Right now it's most likely what causes you to freak out over everything. I'm sure your daughter and your girl try to understand you are going through a withdrawal and it takes time. It is true that with anxiety your negative thoughts can cause bodily symptoms. Try taking it one step at a time and don't put too much pressure on yourself. You'll be okay. Hang in there..

  • Thanks so much. I honestly never tried quiting drinking till this time. So I never knew withdrawals. But I do think most of my symptoms could be related to my withdrawals and my anxiety. There was time my mind was lost and I was not even able to remember 3 things . I'm a waiter so over my 5 years I learned to multitask and do 100 things at a time. So now I feel so worry when I can't focus .

  • You will get there. You took the biggest step of your life. Now it's a matter of your brain healing. You will get back to multitasking once again. :) Take care

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