My Dr prescribed me .25mg xanax. I was taking hydroxyzine before but had a bad reaction to it so I had to stop. My anxiety was getting better until a couple of days ago. I read somewhere that xanax can cause the symptoms to get worse? And that's how you can become dependent on the medicine because they do work in calming you down.

I found an all natural pill called Anxiousless made by natures sunshine. Has anyone else had the same issue with xanax, or does anyone know anything about the Anxiousless all natural meds? I want to feel like the girl in the picture again so bad 😩


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  • Doctors will tell you that you need a prescription and other people will tell you to take different things I think it's all trial and error

  • I'm worried about the error part lol

  • I take half of .25 xanax as needed - sometimes twice a day - even at that small dose it takes the edge off and keeps the vertigo type dizziness I sometimes experience at bay - I have had no issues with it - hang in there - you will feel better in time

  • Thank you. That makes me feel better

  • Xanax are so bad was on them for 5 days but I wanted to take more than 3 a day because I felt so good and when I got off them it was the worst I didn't feel like my self I was in a bad mood and felt like I couldn't breathe I was feeling like that for 2 weeks then I got anxiety attacks like crazy when I got off the medication

  • 3 a day? Wow, I can't even take a whole pill and they're the lowest dose. I take a quarter of a pill maybe once a day if I really do need it. I've never had to take anything in my life so I have a 0 tolerance for any medication I guess

  • But this is just another reason I'm asking about the all natural stuff

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