my muscles hurt so baaad from stiffness

when my anxiety gets bad my neck and back start aching so baad and i get so stiff i can barely move my head or any part of my body really. taking a xanax is the ONLY thing that gets rid of the stiffness. and it does completely get rid of it in about 20 minutes. but i don't like relying on xanax all the time, i want to be able to get rid of my symptoms myself. does anyone else get this?


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  • Hey you!! Haven't seen u post in a while!! I hope everything has been better than it was for both of us a couple months ago 🌸

  • hi! yeah i was doing a lot better but stressful situations in my life brought me right back down again. My anxiety/dpdr is through the roof right now. How are you?

  • Hi someone5673, it's happened to me as well. When stress in our lives gets out of control it shows right away in our muscles. My neck and back get tight and tense and stiff. It's our body's way of telling us we need to chill out for a while. I've been pulling out all the things I've learned along the way in dealing with high stress. The Xanax sits there in my purse for a just in case moment. I know once I would go back in reaching for that band aid I would need it every day. Sooo.....I reach for YouTube and listen to deep meditation and deep breathing as many times a day as I need to in order to calm down the adrenaline rush. When not near the computer, I just use my ever faithful deep breathing which relieves the stress almost immediately. It happens to all of us whether we have overcome our anxiety. We will always be predisposed to stress more easily than the average person. You are not alone by any means. Feel better and Breathe xx

  • I feel like this a lot . I'm thinking about joining an anxiety group

  • Hi someone5673, my neck and upper back are constantly tight and stiff. It only seems to know 2 positions....tight & tighter. Never really fully relaxed. That is where I carry all my stress. For me heat works very well in reducing the stiffness and pain. I am very aware that I carry my shoulders high (almost touching my ears) I wouldn't be surprised if you do as well. When I put the heat wrap around my neck and shoulders, I immediately can feel my shoulders relax. I also use deep breathing to try and keep it in check. For me it's been a learned behavior over the years whenever stressed. A habit I'm trying to break. Feel better, you aren't alone x

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