My life is at a standstill

My anxiety seems to only be getting worse. I sweat profusely from my face and scalp when in uncomfortable situations. It gets so bad that people make comments, which just makes it worse. This makes me not want to leave the house because it's out of control. I stopped taking Adderall and Xanax prescribed by my old Dr. eight years ago. It helped me so much, but I became addicted. Since then, I've gained a substantial amount of weight and am just tired all of the time. I've lost jobs because I have extreme issues waking up some mornings. I've turned to food and alcohol as a crutch. Here lately I feel like it would just be better if I weren't here anymore. I have no idea where all of this self hatred is coming from. How do I go about getting help? Is there a natural remedy for this? My Dr. That prescribed me the Adderall and Xanax had me on both for nine years. She's since been banned from practicing medicine anymore because the things she's prescribed some people has killed them. I have a hard time knowing what to look for in psychiatrists now because of this. Please help!


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  • Hi Lolly1980, I can imagine your mistrust in doctors because of this. I too was left on Xanax for 30 years and became dependent. What was meant to help me turned into giving me more symptoms. The heat sweats, I use to call it, were terrible. Agoraphobia, turning to food to substitute the Xanax. I went through a period of believing doctors were only human and that I had to be my own advocate as to what might be best for me. Sometimes it takes seeing a few psychiatrists, until you feel comfortable with one. Checking out different modalities that are out there that you can use in conjunction with the doctor. A social worker, therapist or psychologist is beneficial so that you are not dependent on one person. Each one brings their input in your care. I hope this helps some.

  • That's great advice and thank you so much for that!

  • Hi lolly first things first get your self a new doctor you can trust then ask him his advice on seeing a phyciatrist get on top of your depression that will be a big. Start ! Take care david x

  • Thank you, David

  • Hi Lolly so sorry to hear how awful you feel You need a doctor who will listen and refer you to the right people to get the help and kindness you so need Help is out there just start tomorrow in getting it Look on line too for support groups like No Panic realising you are not alone and talking to fellow sufferers helps so much

    Make that step tomorrow it and it will be that step to getting well

    Good luck

  • Thank you for this

  • Maybe you should see a holistic doctor, or functional medicine doctor for a natural approach Lolly1980. I hope this helps you.

  • I'll look into that! Thank you

  • You are welcome, Lolly1980.

  • Hang in there!!! Meditation and relaxation techniques can help. Prayer....

  • Thank you ❤

  • Hi Lolly,

    My heart goes out to you, it sounds to me that on top of suffering anxiety/depression you've had the horrible misfortune of falling victim of medical malpractice. I think the advice you have been given is great. One little thing I'd add, and I hesitate to write this, I don't want to come across as preachy, but perhaps you could try to drink alcohol less frequently. I'm not suggesting you're drinking too much, but for people like us who suffer with anxiety and depression alcohol can be a risky proposition. I have fallen for its allure before, because it does seem to offer a quick remedy, but it only ever complicated issues and made me feel much worse in the long run.

    I really do understand the very strong urge to self medicate. In my experience it almost always makes things worse.

    A little practical advice about the sweating; there is a medication available over the counter in a pharmacy called buscopan (if you live in the states it may have another name. It contains hyoscine). It is mostly used to relieve stomach cramping, but as it works on the sympathetic nervous system it is also somewhat effective in reducing excessive sweating. I have found it helped my sweats a bit, it didn't stop them but reduced the severity. Speak to your pharmacist about it and they will tell you whether or not it is suitable for you.

    I really hope you can find a good team to help you. In cases like ours, when depression/anxiety has become chronic we generally need a multidisciplinary approach to really help.

    I hope you find a good, sympathetic doctor to start with. I'm sure this must be a frightening prospect, putting your trust in medicine again. Don't be afraid to shoot from the hip and tell the doctor about your bad experience and that you need help.

    Wishing you all the best


  • Thank you so much, Jack!! I agree about the drinking. It is very temporary and causes way too many problems. I will look into your suggestions

  • lolly I really feel for u the first is that ur aware of ur problem that's the first step next u need to get maybe anew doctor I go and visit them and ask for help that takes courage which u have yes u do.ask for counciling and ask about surport groups u could go to,ur life is precious and u will b ok it won't happen over night but at least then url b on the right track,drinking is not the answer it will make thgs worse go for a walk to distract ur mind and for the sweatin u can buy stuff it's like adeorant That u put on a night it's abit dearer then others but worth it good luck 🍀 take care

  • Thank you

  • Go to health food stores get magnesium and b12 its gonna help I know from years of experience please try it😊

  • I will head to the store today! Thank you so much

  • See a therapist who believes in natural remedies and talk therapy. Recognizing why you are anxious is the key to overcoming it. You are not alone or crazy...just going through. Don't give up.

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