Could my meds kill me?

Right now I'm on Brintellix and Xanax, I've been on the Xanax for a year and they keep upping the dose. It feels like since I've been on medication I've only gotten sicker. I'm scared of becoming addicted to xanax but right now I really need it as I'm having multiple panic attacks a day. I'm only 20 :c I just don't want to have some weird side effect and die. I already feel so sick and it feels like it gets worse every day. I feel like I have a terminal illness or something and I'm nearing the end but when I go to the doctor and get tested they tell me i'm fine. Is xanax safe? I know the withdrawals can be dangerous but I'm talking about just taking the drug itself. Right now I'm taking .5mg 4 times a day.


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  • Hello

    When it comes to medication and your Question your Doctor is really the only person that can medically advise you but it sounds like you are not happy with your treatment so I would advise you to tell your Doctor how you feel and if the Doctor you see does not seem helpful or is not listening then see another Doctor

    I do not believe your medication will kill you as the Doctor has prescribed it for you and it would be more than their job was worth if they would harm you but if you want to come of them because you feel they are not helping you do need to consult a professional to get the best advise how to do so

    Take Care x

  • Hi. Your doctor has prescribed you a medication that has been rigorously tested over years. Of course, as is the case with any medication, there will be some people who have adverse reactions. If you really feel the medication is making you feel worse then speak with your doctor. It might be you have the incorrect dosage, or another type of medication would be more suitable. If you have had tests that show nothing is wrong with your body, then you can pretty much trust that. Anxiety is about what goes on in the mind. If you really had a terminal illness your doctor would know and would have told you. I wish you well.

  • With these types of meds; I think it is a matter of risk vs benefit-- and it should be a mutual decision of dr and patient. I was told the most severe adverse effects would happen right away So I think you are safe. But- good idea to discuss your fears with the prescribing dr

  • Thanks guys (: sometimes I just need reassurance

  • Hi, just to let you know,I've been taking xanax 0.5mg 3 times daily for ten years, never did me any harm,without them I wouldn't leave the house,mayby I'm depending on them, but I honestly dont care...If I needed meds for blood pressure. or heart problems to take every day I wouldn't think xanax helps with my anxiety, and I just get on with it...please stop worrying, they wont kill you. love Miarose xx

  • Xanax is addictive. Try Paxil it works better than Xanax and it's not addictive. Also these two drugs can be taken together as you wean yourself off Xanax. Good luck!

  • Hi there. To ease your mind your doctor wouldn't put you on something that will kill you. I have been on klonopin which s in the same class as Xanax for five years. Is highly highly addictive, which is why your body needs more and develops a tolerance.. hence why the doctor is upping your dose.. my honest advice get off of it.. it isn't Supposed to be used long term it wont kill you but it can make your anxiety worse rather than better over time..

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