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Help ?????

I'm getting no better at all, I feel so much worse, it's driving me mad, I have bad and good days and today was a bad day I felt so detached and I don't know if it was because I was stressing because I got myself grounded, and I have a full week off and I have to sit along, I really am going to drive myself mad, when I'm alone I think myself into worse moods and think of all the symptoms I have and think if it is a brain tumour or what the hell is wrong with me, I honestly do think I have a brain tumour and I worry every single day thinking I do, anyone know what it could be

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It sounds like anxiety, but if you are that worried go get yourself checked out.

Are you over 16 years old?


No I'm not over 16 years


You have to be 16 or over to use this place, sorry Madison. 😟

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There's other people who is on here at my age too though


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