I've been doing little better since I told my cBT worker everything he said I have OCD and I've been have horrible vile bad thoughts what I don't like one bit, my advisor said let the thought be there and let it float but I can't let it I just have to act on it and it's really doing my head just wanna live a normal happy life with my baby and husband some please help me, because I know I'm not a bad person


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  • Why don't you try and do as your therapist says with just one thought a day slowly practice it and gradually increase to more thoughts a day?? Just remember they are only thoughts everyone get thoughts even vile ones but they shrug it of we OCD/anxiety suffered are scared of them and dwell on them but really they can't harm you they are not real. Hope you feel better soon x

  • I just can't rest tho aazz its horrible and annoying when that's what seems to happend, he said bye acting on them gives it more power but I just can't rest

  • Are you worried about something in particular? Don't worry just keep seeing the therapist and you will get there eventually. Are you on medication maybe that would help?

  • Just keep getting unwanted thoughts

  • Hi Sally

    First of all you are not a bad person, these thoughts are tricks from our brain. You must involve yourself with things and keep busy, do anything that keeps your mind occupied. Watch tv, read a magazine, vacuuming etc. When the thoughts come into your mind imagine putting them in some newspaper, screw it up and bin it, then carry on. Do not dwell on the thoughts, they are nothing and you can beat this.

    If you are not on meds it would do you good to speak with your GP, there are things that can help, most people need ADs besides CBT.

    Try not to worry, there are hundreds of people, perhaps thousands with this problem and you can overcome it and move on for happy days with your family.

    Best of luck Sally


  • I'm on tabs Hun and having cbt but it's just horrible x

  • Yea I am too and it is just awful. Can't sleep either. I'm starting cb t in a while but although I know the thoughts are not real it doesn't stop them really upsetting me.

    I hope you're having a good day so far.


  • Have you considered prayer. I pray to Jesus when these unwanted thoughts/feelings come...and they pass. Sometimes, I don't even realize it. It maybe and hour later and I think WOW! heart isn't pounding and the pain is gone.

    Personally, I Don't desire to take medications. God works faster without the side effects 🙏🏽

  • This is good but it's hard but this is what I was told

  • And I hope he's looking down on me giving me a change its really horrible and weird

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