Totally down!

Sick of feeling like utter crap now. This anxiety is really getting me down. I get a few days when I'm fine and other days I'm ill with it. It's always nite times when I'm at my worst. My muscles all tense up for no reason whatsoever then I get a dry mouth and tight chest. All this started from last february 2016 when I got put to sleep (general anaesthetic) for my 4 wisdom teeth out. I was fine before all that! Now I suffer really bad :-(


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  • Yeah from some reason at night always get shortness of breath sometimes and my body hurts and feel sore

  • Johnnie, what you are feeling is caused by the tense and tight muscles from our anxious state all day. By the end of the day, the body aches and feels sore. It's a good time to unwind before going to bed. Relaxing with a nice hot shower, a warm decaf beverage, glass of milk and doing "Tense & Release Muscle Exercise". The purpose behind that technique is to relax the total body and mind. You start with tensing the toes, hold it for 5 sec then release. Usually done with small sections of the body parts while working up to your neck, head, face and jaw muscles. Each one done individually, deep breathing when releasing.

    The purpose is to realize what it actually feels like to be in a state of relaxed muscles when you release. As for the shortness of breathe, that is happening again because of the tight muscles of the diaphragm and upper stomach. It causes you to feel like it's your lungs closing in but it is not. By doing relaxing exercise, those tight muscles will open up in your upper stomach, allowing you to take that full deep breathe.

    This exercise before bedtime will help immensely in quieting down the pain and soreness as well as putting you in a sleep mode.

  • And a magnesium chloride foot bath is excellent!

  • Agora i swear your are so good in this thank you now i will really do these things but the glass of milk will make you relax?

  • Warm milk Johnnie and you'll sleep like a baby :)

  • Alright thank you and how are you feeling today

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