Maybe it's just the cold

I'm poorly at the minute.. common cold.. I sound like an old man, but today I've felt like something's stuck to the back of my tongue. As if my throat is gonna close up which is making me other think and I'm literally constantly worrying.. I've been coughing that much that my head, back and ribs hurt and also this cough is NOT one I've experienced before so I'm panicking over that because I'm 18 and have never had a cough like this... can someone either tell me to get a grip or suggest something that could be wrong


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18 Replies

  • Matilda10c, what you are feeling is post nasal drip from your cold which is most likely sticking to the back of your tongue. If you cough is not productive (meaning a dry cough) you will get your head, back and ribs to hurt. You need to thin the mucus by taking a cough medicine, inhaling as well as using fluids (water, tea, hot soup). Once the cough breaks, it won't hurt so much. The cough will be loose. This is a common cold and you will be okay in about 1 week or 7 days :)

    Feel better soon....

  • Thank you! But I've had this for 2 weeks now😩

  • Post nasal drip can last for ages, it won't do any harm but do go to the pharmacy to help get something to clear it up.

    Does the cough keep you awake at night?

  • Aw thank you for the suggestion! Yeah!! I wake up, it makes me throw up where I cough that much! My head throbs and I'm dizzy 247 from it which keeps me up cos it stresses me out

  • Try this, it works for me every time I do it. When you are in bed just about to go to sleep, get some vicks vapour rub, put lots of it on the bottom of your feet, then put a pair of socks on. Then lights out.

    Give it a try it is really good, if it works for you, you will have a great nights sleep.

  • Aw cheers! I'll give it a go tonight

  • I hope it works for you.. let me know if it does.


  • Will do!

  • Also do you know if it's normal to have a face ache?😩

  • Yes I had cold a few weeks ago and had a bit of pain in my face. Don't worry about it you will be fine :)

  • THank you!! I'm such a worrier 😞😞

  • Its ok, we all worry about things even when there is no point to it.


  • It's worked a lot!! My coughs going down! Thank you so much!!!😬

  • Glad that it worked for you. Do it every night until the cough is gone. ☺

  • You shd get it checked out

  • If it's only been a few days and you're not breathless or having chest pains with breathing then yes it sounds like a virus. Give it time to settle. The health service is very busy and colds are very common. We should be able to manage them ourselves

  • True

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