Relapseee ๐Ÿ˜ž I hate anxiety

I have been doing SO well and I mean it like I literally haven't had to come on this website in almost 3 weeks or more.

But I've been working at this new pizza place, it's an amazing job, the food is so good.

So on my lunch break since I don't bring anything I usually eat a pizza mixed with a lot of veggies + the cheese and some meats

Usually I'll eat a small personal pizza every other day which I know really isn't good for me.

I'm 22 and I workout almost twice a day so I know I'm probably fine and just need to lay off on the heavy food so often but right now I'm trying to sleep and I ate one earlier

It's making me think I'm gonna have a damn heart attack or something so I'm just trying to relax and not freak myself out because I'm kinda scared I don't like to deal with anything having to do with my heart or anything like that :/ anyone else ever have this problem ?

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  • Same I haven't been on here for ages but then for the past week or so I've been having different aches and pains and I searched them on google and it come up with heart attack and now I can't stop worrying and thinking I'm gunna have one, family and partner keeps saying I'll be ok but I feel different! I got a blood test on Tuesday but that will take a few days to come back so that's more waiting.

  • Hi cassiegraves , google is the worst I did it again yesterday and freaking out because my left ring finger shakes when I move it a certain way and I've already been to the neurologist twice in two weeks about a month ago for the finger next to it and he assured me it's nothing but i worry what if he was wrong. Hard to do , but try and relax, if you need a doctors reassurance, call and have them take a listen. ๐Ÿ™Keep in touch

  • Ino it is but I can't help it I just google everything ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  • So do I. Try to fight that urge.

  • Yeah I will :)

  • Look up yogi honey lavender stress relief soothing serenity blend tea at your local grocery store and see if they have it. I drank some last night and it instantly made the anxiety and pain go away and Relaxed my body, tea really helps and it's the reason I haven't been on in a while

  • Yeah like I even got a test done a few weeks ago and the doctor said I am in great health

    Which made me feel a lot better, it was probably just heartburn but anything regarding the heart area or chest just sets me off into trip land

  • Have any of u tried magnesium citrate tablets? Anxiety is linked to a magnesium deficiency. Someone on here said that and I have since looked it up. I started taking magnesium tablets about a week ago- just a low dose- and they do seem to have helped me . My anxiety ghost symptoms have caimed down ALOT. I also do not Google symptoms anymore. It doesn't help at all. I found my anxious mind kept fitting symptoms to the most awful things. Went to the docs and he diagnosed anxiety correctly it now turns out as I did doubt him at first as your anxious mind likes to try and second guess the professional . Told me I had to get anxiety under control. It's a daily struggle but this site helps. So def do not Google symptoms. It just makes shit so much harder and doesn't help anything.

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