General Anxiety Disorder or physical problem??

Hello everyone,

I've suffered from anxiety for a very longtime. I had a very turbulant upbringing.

I don’t know if I have something physically wrong or a mental disorder. But the symptoms come and go but here a lot and a strong that makes me think it's a physical issue - this is why I’ve had various tests done. (Thyroid, Diabetes, Liver came back ok). Testosterone was LOW/Normal 12, 15. DHEAS were high (outside the range) and my Cortisol was high and out the range at about 650.

I find it extremely difficult with seeing people I don’t know or even family too. Small things stress me out a lot like seeing grey hairs appearing or things play on my mind a lot.

I can feel ok at times and other times very happy when other times I want to be left alone and feel really bad.

My throat can feel like its really stiff hard to talk. hands clench at night making them really stiff like ive got althritis. Feeling bugs in my hair sensation. Slight buzzing in my foot. I sweat a lot - more than a normal person would. I feel blank minded at times - cant think at all - when other times im flooded with ideas or thoughts.

I'm treating myself with 5htp which i take a couple of times a week - it does help a bit. But thinking about going to the doctors soon.

Hoping for ideas and advice.



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11 Replies

  • I have suffered with anxiety all my life and it comes and goes. I had a very bad childhood and i think it reflects on you later in life. I have the sweats and my mind sometimes races so much i cry because i can,t stop it, at that time i can,t concentrate on watching television or reading. Sometimes i wish i knew somebody like myself so i can talk, when someone is in the same boat you don,t feel so alone.

  • Hi

    Sorry you feel so bad, anxiety stinks, and your symptoms all seem to add up to anxiety.

    Try and accept the doctors diagnosis that your tests are clear.

    I take warm baths at night, I practice meditation and go to yoga. Can you swim? This so relaxes me, you can't stop the automatic thoughts that haunt you, just try and distract yourself in other ways, easier said than done.

    I have social anxiety, but got help via my doctor, please go and see him for some medication, or counselling of some sort, I did an anxiety and stress course, it was difficult but I managed it.

    Hope these ideas help in some way.

  • Hi,

    I am a recent sufferer and like you I have loads of symtoms. I would go and see your doctor and just explain exactly how you feel. There a lot of support groups that can help. Most importantly you need to talk about your problems. I Now am feeling less anxious, good and bad days. I have just joined a group that have like minded people like myself, ( anxiety and depression). There is a website called meetups and you may find something there, It's just a thought. Keep talking to the right people that can give some clear guidance. I knnow what I have given you here is not much but I do understand what you are going through and that you are not alone.

  • Sounds like anxiety. And some depression. Best thing to do now is try to get those under control and see if the symptoms improve.

  • Hi, I have similar symptoms. I had a buzzing or vibrating feeling on the top of my foot a few weeks ago. I have no idea what that is. Social situations are so hard. I have a function this Sat, I am trying to not make a big deal. I am looking for a job and I am currently at my lowest point I have been in. I have anxiety and depression. It's a very lonely feeling, right? Well with the help of this forum I hope we can support each other. Keep up with your doctor and find things that make you happy.

  • I once read an article by a GP. One of the things he said was that people who come in with lots of unrelated symptoms tend to have anxiety, whereas people who've got one specific thing are more likely to have something physical wrong with them.

    Of course that's not meant to be a way of diagnosing anyone, he's just saying what his first guess is, when someone first starts talking to him. Perhaps it's a reason to think that you might have anxiety rather than something physical, though.

    My anxiety comes and goes all the time. I can have long periods when I'm quite free of it, then something happens that's slightly disturbing, and it will kick off again. I'll start worrying about some stupid thing, and if I manage to convince myself that it's not a problem, it will often switch to something else.

  • Have you ever had a look at The Mood Cure:

    The following link is 'WHAT ARE THE EFFECTIVE, NATURAL, AND SAFE ALTERNATIVES' to antidepressants, which includes 5HTP:

    Also 'Safe Alternatives to Antidepressants Prove Effective: Scientific Evidence':


    On the final link Seriphos is mentioned which I believe has helped me, though half the contents of the capsule daily was the maximum dose I could take, a capsule made me over tired during the day as I have low cortisol in the day and high evening and night. If your cortisol is 'always' high, then probably the 1 capsule or more would work better with you. I bought Seriphos from taking advantage of discount for first time buyer, so 2 x 100 inc shipping was £24.

    The following helped me to understand the correlation between adrenalin and cortisol:

    Also the following is 'High Cortisol Sympoms/PTSD and You, Part 1'

    Talks about how stress leads to high cortisol and how that can effect you.

    Click through to Part 2, etc via 'High Cortisol Sympoms/PTSD and You, Part 2 →' which is above to the right of the main title.

    The following Dr Lams explains how adrenal fatigue can follow stress and how high cortisone can affect your life:

  • In addition an article on 'The link between childhood trauma and depression'

  • What is 5htp im so sorry to hear that u have to go thru all this is it so hard at times

  • What is 5htp im so sorry to hear that u have to go thru all this is it so hard at times

  • Thanks for all of your replies they're really helpful. Im planning on going to the doctor soon. I'd ideally like to rule out any physical issue that it could be have pitatry glad and adrenal glad checked. If they're ok then i obviously just get stressed really easy and need some type of medication or natural supplement to combat it.

    Would you rule out physical causes that raise cortisol?

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