Now i keep looking up what is a seizure feel like im getting the symthoms of it muscle spasm , rhythmic muscle contractions

this is what im getting exactly the same thing i csnt be relax my back back this is what i meant docters say im fine i did a mri aswell they say im fine but this what im exactly feeling what should i do should i see a docter again i cant relax my body i move my back in order to calm down my heart beats hard and fast sometimes my head feels wierd what should i doo guys ?


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  • ok Johnny, sorry you think you might be having a seizure. Believe me, someone might know, but if you're having a gran mal serious seizure the paramedics would have been called 'cause you probably would be unconscious. I know because I had one last June and I ended up on the floor and in the hospital for three days, not even knowing what happened.

    Are you drinking alcohol or Red Bull and still not taking your medicine? Please take your medicine but not drink alcohol or caffeine with it. Ok?

  • No im not drinking no redbull or alcohol at all i been drinking water juice and just eating food but my head head feels wierd and my muscle cant be relax is like im always twiching my back and head i cant be relax and just by reading about seizure got me more nervous

  • Well, from my last reply, you hopefully know that a seizure is probably not happening.

    When do you think you'll be taking your medicine instead of worrying that you have other problems?

    We've always been here to listen and support you. But we aren't doctors and yours has prescribed medicine that you just won't take.

    Can you understand that we are concerned about you and don't think we can help because you won't help yourself by taking your medicine?

  • yeah i know im so confused snd tierd of this like for real i dont know like literaly wrting you im tearing like im just tierd i dont know whats going on with me at all plus the meds im nervous of taking them because of the side effects that i would get

  • Johnnie,

    Your excuse for not taking your medicine just won't fly anymore.

    All of us who reply and follow you have heard that excuse time and time again.

    And your writing looks like the way you must be feeling...all mixed up. We really are worried for you.

    Please just take your medication.

    If I can take a chance that a fairly new medication is going to help me from having more broken bones ( and I need to use a needle to do it),

    I think you can understand and think clearly enough to take a chance that your medicine is only going to help you, and so please just swallow the pill.

    Do you understand what I am saying to you?

  • Yeah im going to do it you got my word

  • Really Johnnie, really?!

    Are you a man of your word? Are you thinking clearly enough to take it as your doctor wanted? I'm your cheerleader hoping you really do follow up and take your medication. Thank you so much.

  • yeah i im if i want to get better im going to when i do get better i want to tell you aswell how the medicstion is going for me

  • Cheers to you Johnnie!

  • Are your meds for seizures Johnnie

  • no i never had one lol just for panic and axiety disorder never had one

  • Ok I see, panic will not help your situation and if you had seizures I'm sure you would be on medication for that, get yourself checked at the Dr if you are not sure

  • Take a long bath, chilled music, try not to stress, stress will make you feel worse ok

  • Sorry if this is too personal, but I have a fear of seizures/fainting from health anxiety.. what caused your seizure? And did you fee it coming in?

  • You have asked a very important question that everyone on medication should ask and read my answer.

    I screwed up my medicine. Point blank. So please don't change, take more or less of meds than prescribed, and don't just stop any of them.

    I thought I had taken my medicine daily as prescribed, but one didn't show up in my bloodwork or urine at the hospital.

    And I usually make an entry in my daily diary of every time I take medication to be certain I'm taking it properly. I have several medications.

    Believe during that three days of semi-consciousness, my neurologist ran every test you could imagine...CAT scan of my brain, MRI of my back, bloodwork out the kazoo until I thought I had no more to donate, and a number of other diagnostic procedures to determine the cause of the seizures.

    The only thing all those diagnostics found unusual was just one of the medications I have been on did not show up in the bloodwork or urine.

    I don't remember the seizure or hitting the floor. (Actually had a second seizure on the floor while my husband was calling 911 for help....or so he tells I said I don't remember anything.) Was talking to my husband in the bedroom...

    That's all I know.

    Had absolutely no indication of anything happening before hand. No warning, no nothing. No anxiety, no panic problems.

    One thing discovered but was unrelated, was the MRI of my spine found a fractured vertebra that was not new. No, it was an OLD fracture and did not cause my seizure or fall. (That was fixed in the O.R. by the surgeons injecting "Medical super glue" around the vertebrae to secure it.) I now inject Forteo daily to encourage new bone growth where mine has weakened. (Go ahead, look THAT medication upon Google....I know you want will make your head spin...and that's before you learn how expensive it is. Believe me, I inject that sucker exactly on time every day...even though I'm a whooze around needles... and make a notation in my diary)

    Hope this answered your question. I felt it important that I answer it, but not disclose what medication it was. It is a common one, but if I told you what it was, it might lead someone to think "well, I don't take that, so won't hurt me if I decide to change how I take my meds".

    Hope this helps everyone who reads it.

  • soo it was cuzz of the meds basically but can you get randomly for nothing just out of no where like anxiet panic disorder and would this harm me i take beta blockerd sometimes when i feel my heart really fast but not a everyday thing only sometimes when i feel like i need them and i take vitamins and sometimes ibuprofin when i get pain any where or headaches would that effect me a type of way?

  • Johnnie,

    You may not be aware of it, but your writing is rambling all over the place...probably like the way you are thinking and feeling.

    Not certain what I can do except to be here to support you.

  • so you think im not having a sizure right

  • I don't think you will be writing here If you were having a seizure. Take the medications! I have never in my life have taken any medications until now. If you really do feel as awful as you sound you would be taking the medication. I was desperate and was/am willing to try anything to make me feel better. If little me 97 pound girl put on her big girl panties and took her medication then you should too. You sound like a hot mess and that's what I sounded like 2 months ago. TAKE THE MEDICATION

  • Yeah thats what im going to do i dont have another choice but it just confusing because people tell me dont take them because those pills could mess up my brain and make me worst if i get off them this is really why i really dont wanna take them

  • Your brain is already messed up. It obviously has some type of imbalance. Take the pills. I took Zoloft and got off it 6 weeks later with no problem except for some brain saps that were not painful.

  • I'm going to write this is capitals so yes....i am shouting...... THE SUPPOSED SIDE EFFECTS OF TAKING THE MEDICINE ARE NOT GOING TO BE AS BAD AS EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED ALREADY. There, I have said it. Take the medicine. Get better. Then when you are calm and rational, investigate the reason for your anxiety (no it wasn't the weed) and deal with that and then you can wean yourself off the medication. Trust me (and us) the possible side effects won't be anywhere near as bad as some of the symptoms you are constantly on here with.

  • What could if be then my nervous system?

  • One of the best things you can do research and LEARN as.much as you can about anxiety and how it affects our bodily sensations. Half the battle is removing the fear. Understanding everything will do this. Please read everything that Jeff has written. Johnny please take our advice.

  • yeah but people dont get is i take these symthoms everyday daily its like im fighting it but my body hurts after a while i can tell my body is tierd of it

  • Johnny we do get it. We have all had the same. Yes you are tired. Can you imagine that fighting the anxious feelings are exhausting you. Stop fighting. Just accept it. The best best thing is to buy and read a book called DARE by Barry McDonagh. Very simple to understand. D = diffuse the anxious feelings and say "so what". A = accept it. Its only anxiety nothing serious. R = run towards the anxiety and demand that it make you more anxious. E = engage in something that distracts you. I promise that if you commit to this you will be on the road to feeling normal and better!!

  • yeah thats what im going to do i could tell is my nerves when im busy doing things i really dont feel anything its mostly when im doing alot of thinking or in one place for to long thats when it try to sneak up on me

  • If anyone has some advice it's people on here...real people who experience this day in and out, people who are honest and say it straight. I have learnt a lot on here and I am so glad I joined. Self help is critical and listening to your body, If it hurts, thats a sign to do something, be consistent, using skills you have learnt and remember the ideas given, sitting and dwelling is what I was doing, looking up things on Google, arghhhh no more though lol.

    Get well Johnnie1234

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