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Heart attack

Hi guys. I'm 17 years old and all I can think about is my chest pain and fearing a heart attack and dying. My doctor said there is no way someone as young as me should be having heart problems unless I've had previous heart problems or I'm doing drugs or if I'm very athletic. I'm none of those, but I can't seem to believe him. My chest pain is constant, so it makes it hard to trust him. What do y'all think?

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it's anxiety most likely bud, whatever your deepest fears are anxiety will make it seem real. Anxiety is a fickle bitch, and will continue to make you lose your mind unless you try and beat it.


So you don't think I'm going to have a heart attack and die? Be honest


Nope I don't, because I have the exact same feeling every day. some days it's worse than others, fact of the matter is I've spent the past 4 months thinking i'm going to have a heart attack and die, and still haven't


Hi lo

I agree, it's anxiety. What are your other symptoms? It all boils down to adrenaline. Its like a stimulant. Everything is firing in your body like something bad is going to happen. When do you notice you feel better?

I can't even sit and watch t.v. Gotta keep jumping up, doing something. Its hard. I feel every beat of my heart.

Rubyxx 😊


Hello, have you had an ecg done or any heart checks? Maybe worth getting done to ease your mind! I hope you start feeling better soon!


Hey don't worry I've been through this and sometimes still have it. I knows it's a shit feeling but u aren't having a heart attack. :)

I've ended up in hospital many times of this fear. Anxiety is a bitch. Don't think too much x


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