Heart attack

Took an asprin because as usual i woke up in a panic with chest pain thinking heart attack..now i feel sick in the pit of my stomach,,another sign of heart attack or the asprin...the feelings of giving up and giving in to anxiety and panic attacks are very strong to day i've just had enough now after ten years,i'm like two different people, one day i feel i can take on the world the next i'm no good for anything and would rather sleep all day,a shrink i see 9yrs ago did say i'm not mad as i asked him,oops .he said my panic and anxiety are because i have ocd the constant worry ocd,,,i think the worse of everything most about bad things happening to my kids and family, need to sleep to give my overthinking brain a rest...xxlovesxx to you all


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  • Hiya! I am sat here shell shocked as well!! woke up after vivid , horrible dreams feeling like hell! but ....give me half an hour to an hour and I bet we both feel so much better. Morning terrors are common with anxiety and I hate them. Here's hoping we both feel better soon

    Love and Hugs x Ella x

  • Hope you are feeling better now Ella & midlandmay



  • Yup - I often wake up in a wild panic covered in sweat.

    Once I'm up and about it eases off thank goodness.

  • I take asprin when I have a migraine , hope you ate something or they really can upset your stomach & make you feel sick

    OCD does make anxiety , I have it to , infact mine is playing up as I feel behind with my routine & that really sets me of

    Mornings are always the worse as well for me infact I dont go out often but any appointments that I do have now & again I always push for afternoons as i no mornings would be a struggle , but I do get a bit better as well as the day goes on

    Keep posting hun , things will get better , & bet you post later , & you did well posting when you were having a heart attack & I say that as i can be ironing & saying o i am not well something is happening , this is while I am ironing !!! so we do well dont we having these major things yet we are still here doing lol

    Thinking about you




  • Thanks Whywhy...I did get better as the day went on but it happens every morning much the same :( sod bloody anxiety. I get a lot of things done while I am dying lol xx

  • Hi ya don't take any meds especially aspirin on an empty stomach . Now as someone whose had a heart attack I can tell you the anxiety heart sensation and the heart attack symptoms I had were different I won't tell you how because anxiety will use that info to make you feel them I suffer from nearly all the anxiety problems there are iv had them for years too many years then I sat in AnE after a big panic attack that like us all we think are heart attacks I should have known better but I said to myself iv had enuf of this and the next one I had I sat and went thru it facing it down telling it to do its worst and instead of getting worse it got easier it passed it was a breakthrough for me I don't fear them anymore they still come but not as many and not as strong as they were before. I hope you can get through this stage you have the strength god knows all of us who have anxiety have huge amounts of that suffering with this everyday I wish you very well and all my support to get through this all the best. Mel

  • I like your comment made me feel abit better I suffer from it realy bad and always think I am dieing,,so is it possible that even tho I have anxiety I can make things worse with the excessive thaughts?

  • Evening and thank you for your comments it helps loads so i'm grateful xxlovesxx i did read once when you start to have a panic attack shout STOP and tell it to go away,,tell ya if i started doing that infront of my teens they would deffo have mummy sectioned they think i'm crazy with my ocd especially as i like the sofa cushion's all upright and looking the same i now move them when anyone sits down lol,another thing i read(yes sorry i do alot of self help reading) if you tell your self to have a panic attack it wont happen,hmmm saying that while having them! a sence of calm never happens,i do have a laugh with the teens once when i decorated i told them there not allowed in the room unless there wearing coloured clothes to match the paint,ha ha ,,had a nice relaxing day dont have many of them, and why why i didnt have a heart attack still here hope your well lovely and everyone xxx

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