I feel horrible. I can't grasp on this anxiety and I've suffered for 8 going on 9 years now. And I still can't understand it. Why am I always jittery. Why am I always paranoid or nervous or scared? My heart is Racing out my chest. I feel like my life is ending. Even though iam taking medication it feels like it's getting worse. πŸ˜₯ I need helpbi need friends I can relate or come to for advice. Iam Losing it.


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  • What youre going through is terrible. Its very hard to find many people who can relate to us. Many people from my experience either just dont get it or walk away. Also, how long have you been on medication for? I would suggest stopping it if its not helping. Many medications dont work for anyone and theres no point in taking them if youre not findind relief. You can look into alternative ways to help like therapy, meditation, exercise etc. Although i believe the only way to get the most relief from anxiety is to get to the root of whats causing you to feel this way, such as past trauma and go from there. So i would definitely look into therapy if you havent already

  • Yeah what they said ☝🏼 and if u can't or won't go and talk to someone at least get a changement in medications. It could mean all the difference. I've only been suffering from anxiety for about a year now, a shitty year but still. It's kind of stupid but I actually play a game on my iPad and it's actually my 6 year old sons πŸ˜‚ But it's called ROBLOX and it can definitely help distract me when I'm feeling it come on maybe find a hobby or some kind of game even to help out.

  • I know exactly what you are going through....I am 33 and have had severe anxiety and panic attacks since the earliest I can is 9nyrs old. Ive been on medication for 10 yrs which has helped alot but its always there and I have more bad days then good. I'm gere if you ever need to talk or jyst sone to listen. I'm in the same boat

  • I'm 51 and have had it all my like and it's just the worst ever . But I wouldn't know what normal is . I don't know what to do anymore , and def not going on meds perm

  • I know how you feel.ive had anxiety since i was a little kid.but never had it nearly as bad as i have for the last 2 years.it has been a non stop rollercoaster ride for me.its 1:00 here and im still awake and scared to go to sleep.just like you i have more bad days then good.feel free to message me anytime.im sure we could both use someone to talk to.

  • I know exactly how you feel,I've suffered it for 20years and still it haunts me

  • You can call me at 7733318844

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