Iam Panicking!! 😰

Omg my left arm Hurts iam Getting dizzy and I feel like i cant catch My breath. Or that i will stop Breathing. Idk why this is happening. My menstrual just ended today and Iam thinking it could be because my hormones are trying to go back to Normal? Oh whatever who am i kidding anxiety is Attacking me so badly right now iam shaking and my hands are sweaty iam breathing heavy and its 12:44 am i cant sleep 😭 what do i do???!!!!!


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20 Replies

  • Know that it is a panic attack and that you are not going to stop breathing.  Take deep breaths. Read something of interest to you or watch something on television that's inspiring.  Repeat to yourself that you are going to be alright.  Feel better?

  • Thank you for this. I get them so badly when iam in a deep sleep and wake up suddenly the heart palps kland shakiness worry me but i know its anxiety i just hate the feeling of it. It so scary

  • Hi WhereisHope26

    It sounds like you are having an anxiety attack. Dizziness, hard to breath, tingling body all point to the panic. I always open a window beside me, take deep breaths and listening to my breathing calms me down. I use earplugs to hear my breathing. Soothes me. 

  • Sounnds so soothing i must try this. Thank you

  • Have you ever been tested for allergies?  I have them & that's exactly what happens during a reaction 

  • You know what i have No idea. Lately ive been so con gested i havent been able to breath well at night. So i have a nasal spray i use before bed time. But this feels like i am sufforcating in a boxx my lungs feel tight my whole body gets a Hot tingly feeling scares me.

  • Hey calm honey you were doing so well ! Get to safe place where you feel comfortable I usually take hair down , remove underwire , grab a duvet with glass of water and hot water bottle and put TV on to distract .

    Please if you can download apps down load ' calm' if you don't have earphones just listen to it loudspeaker and use the calm anxiety it's really helped me since Friday . You can do it you did it before xx

  • Yes i agree with you i know i can do it!  I just havent had anxiety in a while bow its all Bitting me in the Butt. I hate it.

  • Hey how are you doing ? Just wanted to check in , I had another episode yesterday it's totally scaring me but I'm pushing through x

  • I have terrible anxiety I find what helps me is magnesium & b vit complex or it could be adrenal where corsitol levels too high., it's worth looking into, hope you feel better soon ! 

  • Sorry about the panicing. Did something cause the fear? Has it happened before? I think an important thing to try is deep breathing. It may help at least temporarily to calm you down a little. More important is what caused the panic attack? Some part of you is freaking out and you may or may not know why.

  • I honestly do t know why iam getting them. I just finished my menstrual and for the past 2 weeks ive been doing very well.... Then all of a sudden anxiety has been disrupting my sleep and my Mornings. I wake up shaky and feeling so weak. All o want to do i slep and just Forget about life... I know sad to say but its like my only way out from anxiety attacks..

  • It sounds like you have some depression too. Which is ok because I have had a lot of it. If you don't know, that is ok too. Sometimes the trigger is there but we don't see. Be very kind to yourself and know you are loved.

  • Hello

    Hope you are feeling a lot better today :-)

    I agree anxiety is anxiety but over the years I have recognized that hormones can play a big part in what degree we feel anxious at certain times 

    Take Care x 

  • Yes ive noticed after my Menstrual Hormones do play a big part around this time of mo month. Iam seeing my Therapist tomorrow cant wait. Thanks bounce take care aswell xoxo

  • Glad your therapy is helping :-) x

  • Hey lady I've blamed my menstrual to I started mine this week and it seems it just enhanced my anxiety.  But I know I've had years of periods and not felt panic attacks, so it isn't just having a period that does this it's my thoughts. I keep drifting to that place in my thoughts that triggers me.  It maybe that you too are allowing your thoughts to go there, and yeah our hormones out of whack increase this, but remember you'll get through it. I'm just now calming myself from my nasty attack this morning. Whooo, yeah this sucks. BUT we still are okay it passes. 

  • Your absolutely right. Iam still here and iam doing Okay now. Smh i hate that. One minute iam Flipping out the next iam Happy as can be.  Bipolar anxiety lol. Take care xoxo

  • I hope ur ok, I've had depression and anxiety for over 3 years due to health condition. I also take antidepressants which has helped me level out my feelings a bit more. If you are well enough to have therapy then you're halfway there. You have all of my support so strong and be proud of yourself for expressing your emotions and being true to yourself.

    My kindest regards

    Missehughes  :)

  • It could be the menstrual thing . My anxiety is through the roof during pms , on my period & a couple days after. It's definitely hormones that play a role. I'm not saying it's exactly that but the hormones trying to balance themselves , play a part in it, in my opinion . Try to turn a fan on & relax , feel the breeze & meditate. Silence & nature tapes work for me lol & a nice lil breeze. You'll feel back on track soon :))

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