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Pregnancy fear

My boyfriend and me really want a baby....but I'm terrified. Not just terrified of giving birth, that bit I'm actually okay with. I'm terrified of pregnancy, all the hormonal changes that your body goes through. A few years ago I had a bad experience with drugs and had a seizure. My sister and mum both have epilepsy and although ever since that one time I haven't had anything else happen to me so I do believe that through my own stupidity taking the drugs brought on the seizure. I took what happened very bad and had quite a severe breakdown which I have built myself back up from and changed my ways massively. It left me with pretty bad anxiety and depression which I can say I am 90% over. But I am so so so scared of seizures being brought on by hormonal body changes I've heard of women having seizures during pregnancy and after without even knowing that anything was wrong with them. I just did something I have refrained from doing for months and I googled....which I'm very annoyed at myself for doing. But how do I get over this fear?! I can't just not have children because I'm terrified of what may happen

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