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Flying and travel fears

Hi, I suffer anxiety about travelling. Whether it's by train, bus coach plane etc. it's about not being I'm control and I am so worried I will be ill when I am on the plane and embarrass myself. I haven't flown now for about 2 years as the last time was very traumatic for me. But I need to get over this and I have now booked another flight in. March. Just a shirt trip fro heathrow to Edinburgh which is 1.5 hrs. Anyone got any good tips and coping strategies? Thanks

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I had to come back to the UK from NZ , ( a 28 hour flight), for my Dad's funeral and was not in a good place mentally at all. In fact, I doubted if I would be able to do the trip.

I spoke to my psychologist , who I was seeing at the time, and he told me to break it down into small steps.

So, you pack your bag, next you get in car or taxi, then go to the airport, then check in and so on. So, instead of looking at the BIG picture of the whole trip which can be scary you break it down into smaller steps which are do-able.

I did manage the trip and got to my Dad's funeral. I won't say I was completely without anxiety but I am still here to tell the tale and you will be after your trip too.

Hope this is of some help. Love Julie xx

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Thank you Julie ... Yes that does make good sense. I will definitely try that. Sorry for your loss Julie .. Jo xx


will you be flying on your own or with others? My partner dislikes flying but I know he listens to music to help him relax. or perhaps a relaxation cd might help. He also sometimes has a stiff drink but not sure I should recommend this. We also take sweets to suck which definitely help with take off and landing. Just thought when I do something stressful I take a few drops of rescue remedy and that helps

Not sure if suggestions helpful but just wanted to say I had read your post.



Thank you mystery reader.. I will definitely use all tips , as all help wanted and appreciated. Thank you so much xx



I used to fear flying and still get a little worried before flights, but I've found that if I try and enjoy the flight, or pretend I'm enjoying the whole experience, that it makes it a little less scary. Whilst mid-flight, I try to occupy myself with other things such as reading or writing about something - if you have any written work that needs doing etc. We take chewy sweets on board and have fun trying to "figure out" all the people near by - what jobs they have, how old they are, why they're travelling and what they'll do when they arrive etc.

I hope this helps! x


Thank you Losing2Win. I definitely wNt to try to enjoy the experience. My holiday never really starts til I arrive. I want it to start from the beginning of my journey. I will be trying all your tips. Thank you all so much for responding to me. Xx


Hi JoMay.

Its amazing how quickly a flight can seem when your listening to music you love, just put your earphones in and listen to your favourite album and you will be there before you know it.

Kenny xx


Thank you Kenny



Have you been to see your gp about your fear of flying, they should be able to prescribe something to help. I know it's different but I have a fear of hospitals (amongst other things) and always take some water with me in case I start panicking to help calm me down

Jules x


thank you Jules


That's given me something to think about too,as I tend to panic on going any were etc,down the rd,on the bus etc,thanks


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