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Can you get tension in the head during anxiety attack?


Hello all!

I suffered an out of the blue anxiety attack (if that made any sense) earlier this morning around 5 or 6 a.m.

I was just sitting down on my bed, looking at videos on YouTube then all of a sudden I start going into an attack (anxiety)

Dizziness, shortness of breath, tension in the head and around the temples that are doing this movement with my eyes. I know it's not a seizure cause I didn't twitch or doing any of that. But this happened before when I suffered two panic attacks from caffeine and in the year of 2013, I suffered one after having dinner with family. Which was caused by caffeine.

After the attack, I knew I had to lay down. It left me scared to have another one and I don't want to.

Someone please tell me if this is normal? Is mines different? Like I said before...whenever I go into a panic mode.. I get tension in the head and around the temples then when it comes to my eyes they feel like rolling up but didn't.


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Yes that is completely normal. It all depends on the person.

Thank you so much! I have been having these for five years and sometimes my attacks can come different lol. Just the feeling of my eyes move whenever I go into an attack, makes me feel like I am about to have a fit when it really is anxiety. 🙄

Yeah it’s just your anxiety. Everything will be okay :)

Thank you again😊❤

Hi deesmilesx3, it is very normal with anxiety to experience what you are feeling including the tension you feel in your head and temples. When we get afraid, we bear down on the joints in the back of the mouth which is connected to the temples. *Temporal mandibular joint. The muscles and nerves are connected causing the tension to increase in the temples. It is not harmful.

You need to erase that moment from your mind or you will keep anticipating the next time leaving you in a state of anxiousness. It happened, it's over, let it be. x I would bet being in bed looking at YouTube set off the panic through what your eyes and brain couldn't keep up with. Early morning the cortisol levels are high to begin with. Using your eyes on a white background, scrolling and words or pictures flashing in front of you can cause a weird sensation to your mind, causing the anxiety symptoms to grow with breathlessness and dizziness and tension.

Deanna, you are safe now. Breathe and relax. That is behind you. xx

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Good to know that. Cause I don't know what was this lol. Well I knew it was Anxiety but my mind says different. Thank you ❤

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:) x

It’s normal anxiety and hate to even say that. But TRY and tell yourself. “Everything is fine”. I know it’s easy said then done. Trying taking a cold shower, talking to someone or whatever can bring you back from that attack. I had one today as well at work. I fucking hate it... I always ask myself “this can’t be normal”. But, for us, it is... good luck girly. You’ll be fine.

Same here. It's like after you have an attack, you feel weak. Like with me? I just feel lost and afraid that it might happen again. It sucks but thank you so much, I wish the same to you as well ❤

Breathe it’s okay you going to be fine

😊 thank you!!

Hi honey.I just read somewhere that drinking coffee can raise cortisol levels.I dont like anxiety attacks either.I have had them off and on since my mother passed in 2001.The dr put me on celexa at 1st.Later lexapro became available I used it instead of celexa.I tried a couple of those natural things to help cortisol levels.Rhodiola rosea really messes me up so I have a bad attack.I just tried licorice the other day - only 1 drop initially.Good thing it was only 1 drop - cause I had another bad reaction - another attack.So apparently cortisol is part of the issue with me.But coffee does not seem to bother me. I was having them back in school in the earliest years 2nd grade maybe - they would want me to read in front of the class.I remember my body feeling funny tingling and nervous.I think it caused me to stutter. Maybe your attacks have something to do with cortisol - like the other person said. We will be fine. I use to wonder what was wrong with me thinking it was allergy related but I read allergies lower blood pressure ,but my blood pressure rose. So I tried without Lexapro for 3 months and tried SAMe ,but I got worse so for me I am back on lexapro. Talking positive.Trying to take care of myself. It seems like you are the only one til you come on here and realize you are not alone.Take care honey.

Thats exactly what i felt around my temples when i experienced panic attack so im assuming its normal

When u experience panic attack. Just close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Make sure youre breathing very slowly

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