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Help please

Last night I had an argument with my boyfriend because he was snoring so loud and I wanted to sleep haha.. I started feeling quite anxious due to being fustrated then I got funny chest pains, felt like the middle of my chest was being squeezed and my heart was dropping and just other random chest pains.. thought I was having a heart attack again as the symptoms aren't so similar. Can anyone advise me how to tell the difference between a heart attack and just anxiety symptoms? Im 21 had an ecg and chest X-ray and blood test and everything is good does that mean I'm at lower risk of having a heart attack? Or does the tests only indicate that I've never had one before?

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Hi there, I highly doubt you are having a heart attack as heart attacks come out of no where well sometimes brought on by excersize etc.. But if you have had multiple tests and all came back fine then I'm positive the chest pains you are having were brought on by anxiety. Maybe the anxiety was brought on by the argument you had with your boyfriend? Anyway if the symptoms you are having carry on go have a check up with your doctor , but again don't worry to much sounds like you were just a bit panicked!


Hey. Hi. You are not having a heart attack baby girl. You are anxious. At your age subconscious life changes are taking place. You are young and healthy. I have so much to say. But I'm busy now. I promise you that I've been through this. So so bad. It is overcomable. Even without taking medication Your brain is perfectly fine. I don't know how many of my posts you've read. Or wat u know About my story. But I do know a lot about how to get through this. Key word. Through. Meaning. To the other side. Where you are healthy and free. Let me know what you need me to talk about w you. We can go back and forth. You are loved. You are going to be victorious . Talk soon.


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