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i am 16 years old and i suffer from anxiety. my most common symptoms are trouble breathing, chest pain, lightheadedness, shaking, basically youre textbook anxiety symptoms. at this point after suffering for anxiety for a while now ive gotten used to convincing myself that my chest pain and hard of breathing are just symptoms of my anxiety, but today i started feeling shooting pains and tingling feelings up my whole right arm. even though i am only 16, my anxiety of course begins to tell my head that im having a heart attack. one thing that always helps is reassurance that it is just my anxiety, so i thought i would come on here to see if anyone else suffers from the same arm feelings during anxiety.

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  • I know it's hard not to panic but what your feeling I have experienced to and so have many others grab a drink of water if your not feeling sick lay down and try to relax if you have a family member at home don't be ashamed to tell them how your feel personally I find it actually helps when I tell someone I'm with what I'm going through and you will start to calm down

  • And yes I get chest pain light headed spaced out shortness of breath sickness feel like my throat is closing up so don't worry :)

  • thank you :)

  • Hope your feeling better

  • These symptoms are quiet common when having an anxiety attack

    You are young and I would urge you to talk with your parents , a relative , a close friend or even your Doctor


  • My 17 year old daughter suffers the same way..I hope you are seeking help from CAMHs

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