So anxious about my eye!

Okay so I feel like this is something that would only happen to me...when I was getting dressed this morning my bra strap came unhooked at the back and the little metal hook end hit me in the face. I'm pretty sure it hit me in the cheek and not the eye but I've been freaking out ever since. I'm a hypochondriac who always has to ask for reassurance and I'm going a little nuts as I'm home alone and no one can look at my eye for me. I sent my fiance a photo and he says it looks OK but I just can't seem to calm down. I keep thinking what if I can't see as well and it did hit me in the eye but I just don't know it? It's also that time of the month when my anxiety is higher so I'm thinking that's part of it but I just want to calm down. Does anyone have any words of advice/reassurance/anything?


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6 Replies

  • I bet you are ok and its anxiety making you feel this way.

    Stop worrying because worry always makes things seem worse than what they are.


  • Thank you for the response! I agree with you because I've been able to go about my day normally, once I stopped freaking out lol.

  • The freaking out sucks lol

  • I am like you, in that I get freaked out if I injure myself or do not feel well. It is an awful feeling. From experience, 99% of the time there is nothing serious, just my anxiety taking me to places I hate. If you eye is not painful and you can see, try to relax(easier said than done I know) Hopefully your anxiety will subside a little, it is a horrible feeling.

  • Grudgekyoko, sometimes if we're anxious even the smallest things can be upsetting but it's quite simple really. Look in a mirror and see if there's any injury to your eye, is it red for example? Close the other eye and look round the room, does everything look more ir less like it did before the 'accident'? You say you don't think it even hit you in the eye - and even if it did, well, what real damage could a small hook like that do?

    There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that you're worrying needlessly and your eye is fine. In fact I'm convinced of it. However, I do think you would benefit from addressing your general anxiety so you might want to read some of the postings on anxiety on this forum and the advice that's given.

  • I agree, I was second guessing my vision because I need new glasses so it's hard to tell if my vision is OK, lol. But I think I would have known if it hit me in the eye, you're right. I will check out some of the anxiety posts, thanks!

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