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Severe anxiety about getting blind :(

I'm a 21 year old guy from India and I've been suffering with severe anxiety regarding my eye health for a while. I've moderate myopia, with -4.25 in my right eye and -2.75 in the left eye. And that was one year ago. Over the last year, I developed floaters in my vision. Eventually I learnt to live with them because I realized they were harmless. But I'm a Computer Science student and I've to spend ridiculous amount of time in front of computers, nearly 7-10 hours everyday. And my eyes hurt, sometimes severely, because of computer screen. If I'm to make a career in IT industry, I'll need to face computer screens for long hours everyday for the next 40 years. This thought is driving me crazy as I can't stop thinking about getting blind at 40-45 years (I'm already severely myopic). Every second I use my computer, like now when I'm typing this here, I can't shake off that insane fear. I don't know what to do anymore and it's driving me insane. Please help me fight this anxiety. I'll be very thankful for your advice/suggestions.

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Thewilltowin, I have the same problem to a degree, I'm very myopic and if I spend too long on even my tablet my eyes start to hurt. I've found that turning down the brightness of the screen solves the problem. That's easy to do on a tablet but I presume you're using PCs and I don't know if you can turn the brightness down on a PC, if you can then do it and I think it will solve your problem. Otherwise use glasses that have got a slight tint incorporated into the lenses or clip ons to your ordinary glasses.

Either way you are not going to go blind, nobody has ever reported going blind because of a computer screen so don't worry about that.


Hello Jeff and thank you so much for replying. Yeah we can turn brightness down on laptop too. If you don't mind telling me, what's the power of your glasses and how old are you?


I've been very myopic all my life but vision is excellent with glasses or contact lens. Don't know the power of the lens though. I'm 74 and no serious issues so far.

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Okay. Thank you. I'll soon visit an eye doctor and tell him all my issues and and fear. I wanted to seek therapy too but I can't afford it right now :(


Ok, one thing you fellows have not discussed are seizures. Not uncommon event with attorneys and and police officers in the states. May want that looked into also.


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