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Hi all, I've had some kind private messages over the last couple of days but I'm still freaking out tonight.

I had an eye test recently and they spotted a freckle thing behind my eye. The opticians told me this is very common not to worry and with these they need to send them away. I've got an appointment in the morning at the eye clinic due to the referral. I can't eat or anything I'm so worried... any advice guys...anyone had this before? Thank you all x


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  • not as thay call it a flowter sort see little black spot in eye that flowts about iv got one them does no harm it just go by its self in in time ok

  • Oh that's a floater that's a different thing but many thanks for replying x

  • If the optician said it's very common and not to worry then try to have faith in him.the thing about eyes is that if anything at all happens then even the doctor must give you an appointment that day as the eye is one part of the body,for some reason that they must see you the same day. I'm not even sure why but something happened to my eye a few years ago and that's how I found out about it, the doctor sent me to the hospital and it turned out to be nothing serious. I saw a brown mark beside the teat duct and I got a fright as I don't know if I had had it a while or it just happened.they took photo,s of it and after a couple of times going back to the hospital and comparing the photos,I was discharged.try not to worry as they take any problem with the eyes very seriously indeed.good luck honey.love grace xoxoxo

  • Tear duct

  • Thank you so much Grace I'm so upset today I thought I was passed this health anxiety issue but I'm clearly not. Optician did say my eyes were healthy but the freckle thing showed at the back. That was almost 2 weeks ago. I only had a very slight prescription so got my first reading glasses and I'm 46. Thank you for your kind reply x

  • If there was anything wrong with your eyes that was serious they would have been in contact with you immediately.and even the optician said yours eyes were healthy.but I do understand your fears as after all,like me,we suffer from anxiety.if only our heads would give us peace,I know for a fact that when we get tests of any sort if there us anything seriously wrong that they would be in touch with you immediately.i got a blood test recently and was told to phone the doctor in about a week for the results. 2 days later my doctor phoned me as the laboratory had informed her that I had an infection as my white blood cells were high and I was immediately started on anti biopics.try not to worry sweetheart and enjoy the rest of your night love grace xoxoxo

  • Thank you and glad you are ok. I will let you know how I get on tomorrow x

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