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Feeling lonely and down

Lately I have been feeling stressed and down, I would like to know if anyone has any tips or advice. I work part time and I do have days off but on these days I want to feel more useful and feel more relaxed It's hard to explain has anyone felt like this before, I feel tired most of the time and sometimes I don't have the energy it upsets me.

I feel I would like to have more time to myself don't want to sound to selfish, when I do get time to myself I get disturbed and angry.

Does anyone have any advice much appreciated?

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Hello I'm sorry I'm really not sure but I will try. What do you feel you might want to do on your days off? Would you want to volunteer or not? What about joining a group like yoga? I relax more with a book. And put less pressure on yourself. I struggle with full time work and the work life balance.


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