Feeling down

Soo my family think am going crazy because every time i got to the dcoter say everything is normal the probably is they are not in my body they dont feel what am feeling this just making feel so down you dont understand like i just want my life back everytime i head out i feel these wierd sympthoms is like it dont want me to be outside if its not heart its my body with pain or dizzyness and feeling like ama faint or something but i force my self to stay focus the most that worrying me is my head and vision i feel like everything is unreal soon i as i wake up my vision seem to be wierd like honestly dont know how to fixed these probablems been like three for three months after smoking weed and its like hell Please God Help Me Take This away from my body and make me feel normal and happy again .


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  • You did right to have all those medical tests, Johnnie1234, for you can now be certain that your bad feelings are not due to physical illness but to general anxiety disorder. All the symptoms you mention are common symptoms of anxiety including heart pains, reluctance to go outside, dizziness, feeling faint and even visual disturbances and feelings of unreality ("I'm not really here!"). In fact I doubt whether there are many people on this forum who haven't experienced two or more.

    What has happened is that your nerves have been under pressure for some time and they eventually decided they'd had enough and have become over sensitised. In this state they begin to mimic the symptoms of real physical illness - so we think we're suffering from heart disease, stroke, cancer and that we're going to collapse and die and minute now. But of course we never do because it's our over sensitised nervous systemsending out false signals but although they're false they seem real enough to you.

    So now you know, Johnnie1234, what's got you in this fix. First, there's some good news: sensitised nerves can't kill you, you wont collapse or have a stroke, you're not going to have a heart attack. 'That's all very well," I hear you say. "But I'm still feeling lousy, I want it all to go away NOW!" The not-so-good-news is there's no magic wand that gives you an instant cure - there is a way to recover but it takes time, practice and perseverance.

    What you have to do is reduce all the fear that's going on in your mind, you need to break the viscious circle of symptoms causing fear causing more symptoms causing more fear and so on and so on. You do this by temporarily Accepting the bad feelings for the moment. After all, you know all those bad feelings are frauds, they're only blips in your frayed nervous system. If you can utterly and genuinely learn to stop fearing the bad feelings then you stop topping up your sensitised nervous system with more and more fear. And given time your nerves begin to recover and all these awful feelings start to fade away.

    That's the way to do it, Johnnie1234, the ONLY way if truth be told. Acceptance has worked for many, many people on this forum and literally hundreds of thousands in the world at large.

    You mention other family members not understanding what's happening to you. Well, maybe read this post to them and they will begin to comprehend what it's all about and with understanding they may be morehelp to you in your recovery.

    So although I can't offer you an instant cure you at least know there is a cure, the bad feelings aren't going to last for ever, and you know how through Acceptance you can find your way back to the way you were before. Good luck!

  • Yeah thank you But this was all cuzz of weed do you think this will ever go away

  • Are you sure it's all because of the weed? It's well known that marijuana can cause mental problems but my understanding is you have to have been using it a long time for that to happen. The old herbal weed was the least offender, then came skunk which caused problems much earlier. Then more recently came spice which is a completely synthetic drug based on cannabis and on that problems can start very soon.

    So the answer Johnnie, is that it depends what you were taking and how long and how much. I'm not an expert but I think that time will bring improvement - if that really is the cause.

  • yeah was because of weed cought a panick attack then ever sense that never felt like my self again always my heart rate going fast feeling my body sore but the weed i smoked wasnt laced because my friend was normal and we smoked from the same thing you know but i been feeling like this for three months

  • i get alot of sympthoms for some reason

  • As I say, Johnnie, I'm no expert but unless you were smoking that stuff a long time I'm not convinced it was because of the weed you're feeling bad now. My grandson was on this stuff for a long time and it really messed with his head, he had a low threshold to it, but when he gave it all up a year ago he soon got his head together again. I still say, Johnnie, treat it as anxiety disorder and treat it with acceptance which works, because all the symptoms you mention sound exactly like anxiety.

    Are you being helped by your doctor with all this, if not I strongly advise that you recruit his/her support with a referral to some specialist who knows about these things. Nothing to lose and if that means taking meds for a while then take them if they help but still practice that Acceptance to desensitise your nervous system. When I say see your doctor I mean to tell them the whole storyvof your bad feelings. But you will recover Johnnie, I know that, only a doctor or specialist can say how long but don't fight this alone.

  • Thank you 🙌🏻💯 Hopefully i get better

  • i meant to ask you what specialist should i go to?

  • Johnnie, to be honest I don't know, there are therapists, neuorogists, psychitrists but what the difference is I'm not sure. Anyway, the decision as to who to refer you to is down to your doctor so the first step is to see him/her and tell them everything about how you feel. They'll know who to refer you to.

  • Alright thank you

  • Another thing I should have mentioned, Johnnie, there's a book, fairly short and easy to read, that has helped literally thousands of people with anxiety to turn their lives around. In fact it's the book where I got all that stuff about Acceptance from. I know a lot of people don't accept they can find the solution to their problems by reading a book but in my opinion this book proves them wrong. It's called 'Self help with your nerves' by Doctor Claire Weekes and it's sold on Amazon both new or used - the latter for one penny plus a couple of quid postage. I think it would be very helpful.

  • Did it ever help you ?

  • Blimey, yes Johnnie, I don't think I could have got by without it. My mother suffered from her "nerves", it's a bit of an inherited thing, then late in life she discovered that Claire Weekes book. Together with the occasional valium her last years were peaceful. I had my one and only panic attack in January 1974, I'm an old timer, it was the beginning of my anxiety disorder, I knew about the Claire Weekes book and read it and reread it until I had drummed her Acceptance method into myself. And I recovered. Twenty-two years later I had a re-occurance of it, people weren't behaving themselves and it took its toll. So out came that book which I read and reread and once again regained my normal tranquility of mind. I think of myself now compared to then and marvel at the difference. So I read all the other books she wrote on the subject in her lifetime but that first one is the main one. Claire Weekes died some years ago at a great age after a lifetime of helping people overcome anxiety disorder. She had experienced anxiety as a young woman whilst studying to be a doctor and developed the Acceptance method to cure herself.

    That's the long answer, Johnnie, the short answer is a big yes, it did help me.

    When you seevyour doctor which I hope you do then do tell her everything like about the weed, it's important she knows about that when deciding how best to help you. Do let me know how you get on generally and remember all troubles pass.

  • Yeah thank you ill keep that in mind But i wouldnt die right from it right ?

  • Rest assured, your anxiety may make you feel like s**t for a while but it can't kill you, it doesn't have the power and I still say that although the weed may have triggered the bad feeling it didn't necessarily cause it.

  • Soo what you think did it because i feel like after i smoke that day it mess me with me hopefully this go away for real

  • I think maybe you were heading for an episode of high anxiety for some time and the weed just triggered it. But I'm just second guessing, your doctor and hopefully a referral to some specialist should get to the bottom of it. The doctor also should be able to offer you some anti anxiety medications and I say take them if recommended just to give you a break from the bad feelings - but the long term solution is through losing your fear of the systems through Acceptance. But do know that you're not experiencing any bad feelings that the rest of us on this forum havn't experienced and we've all lived to tell the tale.

  • Yeahh i been to alot of docters and to the hospital multiple times they tell me i have anxiety disorder i went to a heart docter tell my my hesrt is fine i did a stress test as well said my heart is strong and healthy but why my heart beats fast for reason sometimes like me getting up from my bed its beating fast already like i dont get it .

  • A fast heart beat is a common symptom of anxiety disorder, if you accept it for the moment I'm sure it will pass. I'm sure that with all the hospital tests and examinations you've had then your heart is indeed strong and fine.

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